Lassen Gunsmiths Guild

above: The Gunshop at Lassen College

Welcome to the Lassen Gunsmiths Guild website. The Guild will be using this page to keep the membership informed.

The Guild is holding regular monthly meetings on the first Thursday of the month at the Lassen Community College gunshop. When LCC classes are not in session on the 1st Thursday of the month, there will be no meeting that month. Following are Minutes of Guild meetings, starting with the most recent meeting and going back in time.

Click here to view images of the September 2005 cleanup of the BLM Antelope Pit shooting site

MAY MEETING (5/1/08)

Call To Order: The meeting was called to order by the President Buck Bauer at 10:35 a.m.

Minutes: The Secretary, Orrin Winton, read the Minutes of the last meeting, and they were approved, none opposed.

Treasurer's Report: The Treasurer, Bill Feierabend, explained that there has been some confusion as to how much money is in our school account, because there was $929.95 carried over from the last fiscal year. As of April 2008, they still had not carried the funds forward to this (2007-08) fiscal year. Now finally the carry-over has been done. So we have a total of $4468.79 in the school account; when we include petty cash we have a total of $4839.79. We had $20 in sales recorded in the ledger, and we spent $280 on the recent BBQ. There was a motion to approval the Treasurer's report, it was 2nded, and it passed, none opposed.


BB shoot: This year, the Rocky Mountain Elks Foundation did not want us to participate because not enough of us volunteered to help last year.

Hats: They have arrived and are in the cabinet.

Leupold scopes: The price list is here. They will give us discounts as follows: 2 scopes per year per student (January to January).


Cleanup: Antelope Pit: It will take place next Thursday May 8, and be followed by a BBQ. We meet at the shop at 10:30 a.m. to go up Hwy 139. There was a motion and it was approved, none opposed.

Elections: In Fall '08, Buck and Dustin will not be here. Nominations were taken: Andrew Hoffmaster was nominated for President, and he was voted in, none opposed. For Vice-President, Chris Strickland was nominated, and he was voted in, none opposed. For Treasurer, Nick Bonsavage was nominated, and he was voted in, none opposed. For Armorer, Nathan Rynders was nominated, and he was voted in, none opposed. For Secretary, Orrin Winton was nominated, and he was voted in, none opposed.

ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 10:51 a.m.


Call To Order: The meeting was called to order by the Pres. Buck Bauer at 11:00 a.m.

Minutes: The Minutes of the December meeting were read by the Secretary, Orrin Winton. There was a motion, 2nd, and the Minutes were approved by vote, none opposed.

Treasurer's Report: Bill Feierabend read the report. He stated that the $900+ from last year was carried forward, contrary to his report last month. So last month's stated club balance is $900+ too high. Actual: We had $108.25 in sales and $45 in expenses, for a $63.25 net increase in funds. We have $328 in petty cash. Our total funds are $4507.00.

Hats: Buck Bauer reported that he jump-started this process with Green Stitches. Bill F. (Treasurer) is going to try requesting a purchase order from LCC business office. So, we don't yet have the new hats. There was a motion to approve funds for this, a 2nd, and it passed by vote, none opposed.


Rice Canyon Cleanup: Buck B. reported that John Martin will check into this. There was a motion to table the discussion, it was 2nded, and it passed by vote, none opposed.

By-Laws: Orrin W. to type up a draft from Bill F.'s notes. Bill F said that the Executive Committee will meet after it's typed up.

T-shirts: Consensus was that we don't need these right now.

Guild Hats: Bill F. is working on this: a purchase order rather than using petty cash.

Recoil Pads: Buck Bauer announced that these are available from the Guild for $3 apiece.

Antelope Pit Cleanup: There is snow on the ground now. Later in the year we will do this again. Will discuss next meeting.


Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation: Andy Faircloth asked if we are going to volunteer again this year. There was a discussion. Bill F. stated he wants to support this; one of the main purposes of the Guild is to support shooting in the community. Andy F. will get dates for us and forward the information to Buck.

Childrens Fair: Buck Bauer stated that the Childrens Fair is May 3, and that we may want to participate again this year.

ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 11:15 a.m.


CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 1:33 PM by the President, Buck Bauer.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: The Faculty Advisor, John Martin, stated that (1) students should post their Spring schedules on their lockers before the end of the Fall semester, otherwise the locker will be emptied, (2) the "firearms permission card" formerly issued to gunsmithing students will no longer be issued, but the registration paper (schedule) will have the "permission" printed on it.

MINUTES: Orrin Winton read the Minutes from the November meeting. Dustin Ampi made a motion to accept them as read. Frank Newman 2nded the motion. The Minutes were approved by vote, none opposed.

TREASURER'S REPORT: The Treasurer, Bill Feierabend, was not present, but Orrin Winton read Bill's handwritten report. Bill's report stated that it appears that $929.95 from last fiscal year was not carried forward into this fiscal year, and that he will follow up with LCC employee Terry Bartley on this. If we include the $900+ and our current petty cash, our funds balance is now $5,373.79. Dustin Ampi made a motion to accept the Treasurer's report as read. John Golab 2nded the motion. The report was approved by vote, none opposed.


Rice Canyon Cleanup: Buck Bauer and the group consensus was that we should do this in the Spring, a Saturday all-day event.

Guild By-Laws: Orrin W. still has to make an electronic copy out of the drafts (various versions) that exist of the By-Laws. He apologized for not getting this done yet.


T-shirts: Pres. Buck Bauer and the group consensus was that we don't need to order these right away.

Guild Hats: It was reported that we have ordered 65 hats for delivery in January. They are the strap-type hats. The bill will be about $650.

Recoil Pads: We have these in the downstairs armory; they are Guild property; if you have used any of these, you owe the Guild $3 apiece.

Antelope Pit Cleanup: It was reported that the Antelope Pit shooting site is relatively clean right now. We can plan to do a cleanup early in 2008.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned by the President at 1:45 p.m.


CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 10:55 a.m. by the President, Buck Bauer.

FRED LOCKHART PRESENTATION: On behalf of the Guild, Buck presented woodcraft instructor Fred Lockhart with a plaque and gift of appreciation.

MINUTES: A summary of the Minutes of the last meeting was read by the Secretary, Orrin Winton. Bill Feierabend made a motion to approve, Bob Hamilton seconded the motion, and the vote was "none opposed." The Minutes were approved.

TREASURER'S REPORT: The Treasurer, Bill Feierabend, reported that we have $130 in sales since the last meeting. $100 was spent on advertising via Larry Pogoler who is promoting the gunsmithing program at gun shows. The funds are so he can have flyers printed up. So our funds had a $30 net increase from the time of the last meeting. Our total funds are at $5,352.95. Orrin W. made a motion to approve the Treasurer's report. Dustin Ampi 2nded the mtoion. The motion passed, none opposed; the Treasurer's Report was approved.


Rice Canyon cleanup: Pres. Buck Bauer reported that he did a survey of students to see who is available to help with this cleanup (BLM land along Rice Canyon), and we do not have enough people right now to do this. The event is cancelled. We're looking at March or April now to do this. Bill Feierabend made a motion to do it the first Friday in April. Buck commented that we should wait till we have more people present at a meeting to decide. Bill F. withdrew his motion.

By-Laws revision: The Executive Committee has this document now.


T-shirts: Currently we are paying $8-9 apiece for having shirts printed. Weston Smith says he can do it for $4 to $5 apiece; this is a contact in Paso Robles.

Adjournment: There being no additional new business, the President adjourned the meeting at 11:05 a.m.


CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order by the President, Buck Bauer, at 10:45 a.m.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: The Secretary, Orrin Winton, read the Minutes of the August 23 meeting. There was a motion to approve the Minutes as read, 2nd, passed, none opposed.

TREASURER'S REPORT: The Treasurer, Bill Feierabend, reported that since the last meeting we had $150 in sales, and we spent $265 on the BBQ. We also made the $200 gift to instructor Fred Lockhart. So our net decrease in funds was $315. Our current funds are at $5352.95. There was a motion to approve the Treasurer's report, 2nd, none opposed.


Sept 13 Cleanup & BBQ: Buck Bauer spoke about the cleanup of the Antelope Pit and the BBQ which followed.

Fred Lockhart gift: It was reported that we gave him the $200 gift certificate and a "certificate of appreciation." We just need a frame for the latter.

Cleanup of Rice Canyon: John Martin reported that the recreation manager at BLM, Stan Bales, will have a 30-yard dumpster placed strategically on Rice Cyn Rd. We just have to pick a date, most likely a Saturday. Discussion followed. The cleanup would be along the gravel section of Rice Cyn Rd, perhaps once yearly, and we have to do it before the snow starts falling. Bill Feierabend made a motion that we do it the first Saturday of November. Orrin Winton 2nded the motion. More discussion followed. There was a show of hands; someone suggested we might do it on a Wed or Thur instead of Saturday. The motion was amended to say we'll do it "the first week of November." Vote: 1 opposed, 1 abstain. The motion passed.


By-Laws and membership list: Orrin W. reported that the Assoc Dean of Student Services is requiring we submit a membership list and our By-Laws. The Executive Committee is handling this.

Fred Lockhart certificate: Roger Marsh spoke about the frame for Fred's certificate of appreciation. Jim Wages can contact Fred about getting him here so we can present him with it.

ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 11:00 a.m.


The meeting was called to order at 10:37 a.m. by the VP Dustin Ampi.

Minutes: The Minutes from the May meeting were read by the Secretary, Orrin Winton. There were no additions or corrections. There was a motion to approve, and the motion was seconded. The vote was "none opposed," and the Minutes were approved as read.

Treasurer's Report: The Treasurer, Bill Feierabend, reported that we had expenses as follows: $13.83 for flyers (Larry Pogoler doing distribution of flyers), 132.00 for the BBQ following the last Antelope Pit cleanup, 745.13 for knife-making supplies and tools, 167.89 for contributions to Steve Taylor's retirement party, 32.13 for laminating for membership cards, 414.25 for coffee mugs, and 524.66 for trigger-pull gauges. Total expenses were $2029.89 since the May meeting. We had income of $369.07 from banquets. Total income was $3803.09. So we had a net increase in funds of $1773.20. We now have $5667.95 in funds. There was a motion to approve the Treasurer's report as read. The motion was 2nded. The motion passed, none opposed.


Summer BBQs: Andrew Hoffmaster, our Armorer, was our Barbecue Czar. Steve Taylor had made an arrangement with the Assoc. Dean of Student Services to have the BBQs in the cafeteria, cooked by LCC employees. Andrew H. then collected the $10 per person, cafe did the labor & food, and LCC paid us $2 per head.


Wood finish instructor gift: Roger Marsh reported that the phone calls were not made for the $200 gift certificate we voted to give to Fred Lockhart. Buck Bauer was working on this. Roger said he would take this responsibility.

Antelope Pit cleanup: VP Dustin Ampi stated that we are due to do one of these once more. Bill Feierabend made a motion to do a cleanup and BBQ on Thursday, Sept 13 to meet at the shop at 10:30 a.m. The motion was 2nded. The vote was none opposed. Andy Faircloth raised the issue of whether we should also engage in cleaning up other shooting sites, such as Rice Cyn Road and Shaffer Mtn. Andy, Dustin and others will check into this.

Adjournment: There was a motion to adjourn, and the motion was 2nded. Vote: none opposed. The meeting was adjourned at 10:57 a.m.

MAY MEETING (reconstructed Minutes):

There was no April meeting. May meeting: the Secretary (Orrin Winton) lost the Minutes during the June 1st 'evacuation' of the Gunshop, so he and Treasurer Bill Feierabend reconstructed the lost Minutes as follows:

Elections: The Guild held elections, with results as follows: new President is Buck Bauer, Vice-President Dustin Ampi, Armorer Jesse Teague. Incumbents remaining in office are the Treasurer Bill Feierabend and the Secretary Orrin Winton.

Leupold Scope Discounts: Ian Hendricks facilitated the purchase of these scopes; we received the merchandise.

Fitted Hats: If you want a fitted Guild hat (fixed size, no backstrap), just go down to Green Stitches on Main Street and order individually.

Summer BBQs: Guild members voted to do the summer BBQs again this summer; the vote was 10 yea, 1 nay, and 11 abstentions. Passed.

Knife-making tools & supplies: Members voted $400 additional for knife-making / leathermaking tools and supplies. Orrin working on placing this order. We now have a toolbox, many leather tools and supplies, and some metalworking tools for knives.

Antelope Pit cleanup: It was announced that it is time to do another more-or-less quarterly cleanup of the shooting site at Antelope Pit. [Later in May, the Guild did indeed do this, followed by a BBQ at the Shop.]


The meeting was called to order at 10:31am by the Treasurer, Bill Feierabend, in the absence of the President and Vice-President.

Secretary Orrin Winton read the Minutes. They were approved, none opposed. [The Minutes were later amended, see below.]

Treasurer’s Report: Bill F. reported that we spent $38 ($8 for the BBQ, and $30 for Sierra Sportsmen for a membership for our President Forrest Boyce.) We took in $258.20 from sales. So we are $218.50 to the good for the month. We currently have $606 and change in petty cash, $5505.25 in our account, for a total of $6111.25.


Leupold Scope Discounts: Ian Hendricks reported that we will get approx. 30-35% off retail Cabelas-type price. See Ian to fill out the necessary paperwork.

USMC Armory Tour: Ian reiterated Dave Meehan is coordinating this field trip. We just need to pick a date to go, preferably a Friday.

Tour of RCBS (Oroville CA): Dave Meehan has been talking about this. They manufacture reloading equipment and have a substantial gun library.

Reno Gun Show: We had a table there Feb. 17 & 18 and passed out a lot of flyers.

Rocky Mountain Elks: The Rocky Mountain Elks Foundation Spike Camp event is taking place Mar. 17. This event falls into our Spring Break time. It will be at the Fairgrounds. Dave Meehan will coordinate our participation. Also, February Minutes should be amended to read “Rocky Mountain Elks Foundation Spike Camp” instead of “Elks Lodge.”


Long-Term Goals: Roger Marsh asked if we have any Guild long-term goals. We have $6000 in our account. Ian Hendricks suggested we buy a chronograph. Someone else suggested we do a field trip to Nosler in Bend OR.

At this point, Dave Meehan teleconferenced with us via cell phone, he being ill today. He discussed the Spike Camp event. We need to have shifts of 3 or 4 people. It will be 9am till 11am or noon.

Fitted Hats: Tabled till next meeting. These would be hats “by size” and with no plastic back strap. Green Stitches to do them as usual.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:53am.


The meeting was called to order at 10:39 am by the President Forrest Boyce. Secretary Orrin Winton read the January Minutes and they were approved, none opposed.

USMC Armory Trip: VP Dave Meehan stated there is not yet a date set for this event. He said we will need to carpool, so if you want to go, try to set up carpool arrangements now.

GSS T-Shirts: There will be two colors, a total of 48 shirts, to start with. Colors available are green, brown, and black. We are now doing a survey of what sizes people want.

Rocky Mountain Elks Foundation Spike Camp Table: Dave Meehan stated this would be like what we do at the Childrens Fair where we do BB guns, safety instruction & the kids shoot. Elks Lodge asked us if we can do it for their event.

Leupold Scopes Discount: Ian stated that the catalog is on its way to us. They will not be giving us a price list this time; they want us to get a list of what we want, and then they'll give us a price, not 40% off like last time, but perhaps just $30 off "the Cabelas price" per scope. We need to get our list together by the end of February.

Antelope Pit Cleanup & BBQ: Forrest reported this is today right after the end of the meeting. Cleanup, BBQ, and the shed-building. Forrest and Dustin to cook.

Brownell's Flyers: These are now ready. We can each (also) take some to give to our friends. Larry Pogoler, who is doing recruiting for GSS in southern California, to take 300.

Reno Gun Show: John Bates to do table and recruiting there February 17 and 18.

Advertising at High Schools?: Dave Meehan said that if we want to do this, we'll need to come up with a somewhat different flyer for high schools.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:53 a.m.


The meeting was called to order by Pres. Forrest Boyce at 10:32 a.m. He extended a warm welcome to new and returning members. The Minutes of the December meeting were read by Secy Orrin Winton; they were approved, none opposed.

VP Dave Meehan gave a Treasurer’s report, in the absence of our Treasurer Bill Feierabend. Petty cash on hand $495.47, Armory monies $3103.50, no report on the LCC account. The Treasurer’s report was approved, none opposed.


USMC Tour: The USMC has an armory in Reno; anti-terrorism unit. Dave Meehan reported that he is doing the planning for a visit there; at that time he will give a class on site. It will be on a weekend, not in January.

GSS T-shirt: A Gunsmithing Dept. T-shirt to be sold at the Bookstore will result in publicity for the program. The logo is the same as for the GSS banner. Dave Meehan passed out copies of a draft of an agreement with the Bookstore to not change our logo.

Recruiting: Larry Pogoler gave a report on his efforts in southern/central California to recruit for the GSS program. The Guild is supplying Larry with flyers and has loaned him a banner. Larry reported that, since last August, he is concentrating on recruiting at gunshops and gunshows. Gunshows in which recruiting is done include the Crossroads of the West Gunshow, Central Coast Gunshows, and McMann’s Road Runner. Each of these outfits does a number of gunshows all over southern and central California. Larry has been paying for expenses out of his own pocket. There was a motion to reimburse him $65 for his expenses; passed, none opposed.

Storage shed: Forrest Boyce gave an update on this. The shed will be assembled in the fenced area without removing the propane tank.

Rubber mats: We’re getting 13 of them – within next 2 weeks.

Shop Safety: Students and instructors pointed out that everyone must wear glasses in the machine room. Turn off all machines when you step away. Also, don’t use your finger to point to something running on the lathe or mill. Use a pen or pencil to point, not your finger. Instructor Andy Faircloth pointed out that the “honeymoon period” for new students is over – violations of safety rules will have consequences.

Antelope Pit Cleanup, BBQ & Shed Building: Forrest Boyce said these three things will take place at our regular February meeting, Thursday, February 1. The meeting will be at 10:30 a.m. as usual, followed by the Cleanup. People not going up Hwy 139 for the cleanup will build the shed.

New student introductions: VP Dave Meehan asked new members to introduce themselves by name, which they did.

Knife-making toolbox: Orrin W. gave an update on this. The $250 we approved this past Fall was spent on a really good toolbox and the first installment of tools – so far just leatherworking tools. The toolbox is in the downstairs armory, and its custodian is Bob Hamilton. The committee on this is Bob H., Jim Wages, and Orrin Winton.

Brownells Flyers: Gary Peterson asked about what the Brownells flyers thing is; Forrest and Dave explained. Brownells inserts our flyer into their orders – 5000 orders.

Leupold scope discounts: Leupold gives GSS students a 40% discount, once a year, on scope orders. Ian to get catalog so students can order scopes.

Midway CEO Visit: Steve Taylor introduced Larry Potterfield, CEO of Midway, and his son Russell Potterfield of Battenfeld Technologies. They donate to the NRA Foundation for gunsmithing, about $50,000 a year. The Potterfields have meet with Associate Dean Ross Stevenson and gunsmithing instructor Steve Taylor, regarding the need for quality gunsmithing graduates. Mr. Potterfield pointed out there are about 14 million hunters nationwide. There are only 200 gunsmithing graduates yearly from nine schools. Of these nine gunsmithing schools, two are private (Denver, Pittsburgh) and seven are public. Of the seven public schools, four have an NRA summer program. There are also three correspondence gunsmithing programs, not included in the total of 9 schools described here. Midway is working with all these schools to help them to graduate qualified gunsmiths to work in the field of gunsmithing. (A note: Montgomery Community College in Troy NC has an A.A. program in Business Administration with an emphasis in shooting sports. Another note: some gunsmithing is taught on-site at Midway.) The group thanked the Potterfields for their visit.

Pres. Forrest Boyce adjourned the meeting at 11:08 a.m.


The meeting was called to order by the President, Jeff Brewton, at 10:33 am.

A summary of the Minutes was read by the Secretary, Orrin Winton. The Minutes were approved as read, none opposed.

Treasurer's Report: The Treasurer, Bill Feierabend, read the report as follows: Income from sales $233.30, expenditures $231.36 on hats and $500 on banners. Our balances are as follows: petty cash $112.85, funds in armory $3625.00, school account $2665.13. Total funds available are $6402.98.

Armorer's Report: Dustin Ampi reported that "All is OK" with the Armory.


Brownell's Flyers: Forrest Boyce, with Andy Faircloth, has come up with a flyer, 5000 to be mailed out by Brownells with their orders. The flyer was passed around for examination by members.

Storage Shed: John Martin is still talking to the LCC Facilities Manager who in turn is negotiating with the City of Susanville over removal of the propane tank. The shed will be for storage of Guild materials, the BBQ, shovels, rakes, and more.

Knife-making Toolbox: This committee (Bob Hamilton, Jim Wages, and Orrin Winton) came up with a list to request the Guild to buy. The list of leatherworking tools was actually compiled by knife instructor Tom Hunt this past summer. Orrin and Bob stated the request for $150 for tools and $100 for a toolbox. They stated that there would be a later request for about $100 more for additional tools. The first order for tools will be from Tandy, and the toolbox will probably come from MSC. There was a motion, a second, and the motion passed for $250, none opposed.

GSS T-shirt: This issue is stalled because no one as yet has written the disclaimer/agreement statement for the Bookstore. Dave Meehan will head up a committee with Jim Wages on this.


Learning Center Situation: Jeff gave the update on this. He stated that the Guild was supporting Orrin Winton on this issue, until Steve Taylor came up with some solutions as an alternative to a grievance with the Office of Instruction. At that point, the Guild Executive Committee decided not to further support Orrin because the problem had been solved by Steve's efforts. Orrin then did a personal grievance, as an individual who is a member of several on-campus student organizations, with the Office of Instruction (Associate Dean Ross Stevenson). The Dean's decision is that student organizations (clubs) may use the Learning Center for their club activities, but they must bring their own paper if they want to print. -- Dave Meehan commented that members should go to the Guild first with their Guild-related problems. Jeff Brewton stated that we should not go to our Faculty Advisor, John Martin, with our Guild problems because John's wish is that we solve our problems within the Guild.

Rubber Mats: Jeff B. stated that Forrest Boyce will manage this purchase. Forrest stated that we should wait till after we come back from break to order these. There is a substantial shipping cost for these.

BBQ: Last One for this Semester: This is John Martin's idea. Dave Meehan stated this would be an appropriate "goodbye" to the students who are leaving the program after this semester-end. The BBQ will be Thursday Dec. 21 at lunch- time (11:30 - 1:00). Jeff Brewton wanted the Guild to take notice that Jim Wages donated $500 this summer for soda pop for the Guild BBQs. He also volunteers work time here. No good deed goes unpunished.

Guild Bowling Night? Jesse Teague has been working on this. He says the local bowling alley will give us a special discount for Wednesday eves or the weekends. Guild members consensus was that next Wednesday Dec. 13 we will go bowling (privately funded, not paid for by the Guild).

Brownells Flyers (again): The flyer circulated during the meeting met with the approval of the members. Jeff B. suggested amending it to include the statement at the bottom that the armorer's courses are POST-certified. There was a motion, 2nd, passed with none opposed.

USMC Armory Field Trip: Dave Meehan stated that students and instructors will be able to visit the Marine Corps armory in Reno. He is working on the details for this.

New Guild President: Jeff Brewton stated that with him leaving after this semester, we need a new President. Forrest Boyce was nominated. With no other nominations, he was elected by unanimous acclaim.

New Guild Vice-President: With the VP slot vacated by Forrest Boyce, there needed to be a new VP. Dave Meehan was nominated. With no other nominations, he was elected by unanimous acclaim.

Vendor Guide: Jeff B. has put together a black notebook of vendors with their business cards etc. This is our guide to ordering mugs, hats, shirts, and everything else we order.

At this point, Jeff Brewton turned the meeting over to the new President, Forrest Boyce. Forrest then presented a plaque of appreciation to Jeff for his service to the Guild.

Brownells Flyers Yet Again: President Forrest Boyce asked that we authorize 500 add'l copies of the flyers in order to have some on hand to pass out to students. There was a motion, 2nd, and it passed with none opposed.

Shop Safety: Steve Fiant raised the point that we need to be more careful in safety matters in the shop. Don't leave chuck keys in the lathe.

There was a motion to adjourn, 2nd, passed with none opposed. The meeting was adjourned at 11:20 am.


The meeting was called to order at 10:39 a.m. by the President, Jeff Brewton.

The Secretary, Orrin Winton, read a summary of the Minutes of the October meeting. Bill Feierabend moved that the Minutes be amended as follows: for the CMP match, the cost per shooter is $5 for Sierra Sportsmen members and $8 for non-S.S. members. The motion was 2nded and approved, none opposed. The Minutes were so amended.

Treasurer's Report: The Treasurer, Bill Feierabend, gave a partial Treasurer's report as follows: In our College account, we have $2000+ (exact figure not reported). On hand (safe & petty cash) we have $3543. We earned $330.72, and spent $2190.86.

Magic Green Cloths: Bill F. has ordered 200 sheets of this, about $100 worth. Next week it should arrive. We will then sell it for $1 a sheet.

Armorer's Report: We spent $84 on ammo for the CMP match. Adrian (the Sierra Sp. rangemaster) was very helpful. We had a great time.


GSS Banners: We have all three of them. Two were mailed to Larry, Randy -- we are lending them out, not giving them away. We still have one for GSS recruiting locally. The cost was $150 apiece.

Storage Shed: We are still waiting for the go-ahead by John Martin; it has to do with the removal of the propane tank.

Brownell Flyers: VP Forrest Boyce is to talk to Andy Faircloth to coordinate the mailing of our flyers from Brownells.

CMP Match: The next one will probably be in May, no more this year, because of the weather & Rice Cyn Rd conditions.

Single-action shoot: May be this Saturday 11/04, not certain. Jim Wages has info on where else you can go to shoot.

Knife-making Tool Box Project: Bob Hamilton, Jim Wages, and Orrin Winton are working on this. The item was tabled till next meeting.

Rubber Mats: VP Forrest Boyce is working on this. They are $17 apiece, 14 mats, 2.25' x 3'. They will be approx. $300 with shipping. There was a motion, a second, and it passed with none opposed, one abstention.

GSS T-Shirt: The Ag Dept sells a cow-tipping hat and T-shirt. Jeff came up with a GSS Program logo: the crosshairs design. If we provide the logo, the LCC Bookstore will sell it. There was a motion that we provide the Bookstore with the logo. Jim Wages raised points: can we guarantee they'll keep our logo and not change it? Bill F.: there should be a written agreement to that effect, with terms like "shirt design subject to Guild approval." Bill F. amended the motion to include a written understanding that our logo will not be changed. None opposed.

Transition in the Guild Presidency: Forrest Boyce and Dustin Ampi will help in the transition to a new President, now that our President Jeff Brewton is moving back to Lompoc.


Learning Center Situation: Secretary Orrin Winton reported that the Tutor Coordinator, who runs the Learning Center, is objecting to clubs doing anything with the computers and printers in the Learning Center. Orrin to draft a letter from the Guild. It was suggested that Orrin include the details of his situation, namely that it is inconvenient for him to trek to Gunsmithing from Creative Arts and that there is only one student machine in the Gunshop to serve 20 students. The letter, if approved by the Guild, may also be signed (witnessed by, only) by our faculty advisor, John Martin. [There have been further developments on this issue since the November meeting.--ocw]

The meeting was adjourned at 11:10 a.m.


The meeting was called to order by the President, Jeff Brewton. Jeff reported there was no Treasurer's report, and no Armorer's report.

The Secretary, Orrin Winton, read the Minutes of the September meeting. There was a motion to approve, a 2nd, and a vote; none opposed; Minutes approved.

By-Laws Committee: Jeff reported that the By-Laws Committee has not met yet.

Antelope Pit Cleanup: We had a great success with this. We picked up four pickup trucks full of trash, which was a record in all the time we've been doing this. Orrin talked to a Lassen County Times reporter, and we got a picture with a caption in the Times. A copy of the cleanup photos was given to Stan Bales, the BLM's Recreation Manager. After the cleanup we had a Guild BBQ with tri-tip and venison.

GSS Banners: We'd been having problems getting in touch with Lasco who prints the banners. We've ordered three banners, but will have only one printed at first to make sure the design is what we want.

Storage Shed: It was mentioned that recycling cans has netted us $55.12. Jeff will get prices for a shed for us. This shed will go outside the Gunshop building. We are currently waiting for the propane tank to be pulled out. Money is already allocated for the shed (see September Minutes) and we agreed to buy it. We're waiting for John Martin to give us the OK.

Brownell Flyers: This is pending; Andy Faircloth is coordinating this. At the September meeting we'd approved $360 for 5000 more GSS flyers to be sent out by Brownell's. Andy has ideas for the content of the flyer to fit the market, i.e. people who are already gunsmiths.

Guild Elections: Dustin asked what the Armorer job entails. Jeff explained: maintain Guild guns. There are also 150 school guns -- there is a $25 deposit to use one of these in classes, and note will be taken of any parts missing. Jeff explained that the President is the "overseer" and motivator. The VP is his assistant; he can take the President's place. The Secretary handles letters, Minutes, and (now) website material. The Treasurer handles money issues. The Armorer's duties are described above.

Nominations and votes were taken. For President, Jeff Brewton got 12, Bob Hamilton 2. For Vice-President, Forrest Boyce got 8, Dave Meehan 2, Morgan Davis 3. For Secretary, only Orrin Winton was nominated. For Treasurer, Bill Feierabend was the only one nominated. For Armorer, Jess Teague got 6, Dustin Ampi 6. The tie was broken with a coin toss, and Dustin Ampi won.

So we have: President Jeff Brewton, VP Forrest Boyce, Secy Orrin Winton, Treasurer Bill Feierabend, and Armorer Dustin Ampi.

CRPA Ad: We'd allocated $480 for 6 months last meeting. 80,000 people read the newsletter of the CRPA (Calif. Rifle & Pistol Association). There was a motion to spend $480 for 6 months, starting in December. Vote: none opposed.

CMP Match: Every 2nd Saturday of the month there is a CMP match. We have 8 M1-Garands, and they have 8 of them. The next match will be Saturday, October 14. There was a motion that the Guild pay the $18 per person for 30-06, and $12 per person for .308, for Guild members who wish to participate (this pays for 60 rds). Guild members who do participate then have to pay $5 per person to the Sierra Sportsmen.

GSS T-Shirts: This is the proposed GSS (not Guild) T-shirt which we hope the Bookstore will sell. Issue tabled till next meeting, none opposed.

Single-Action cowboy shoot: This is the first Saturday of each month, ends Nov. 15, Sierra Sportsmen. There was a motion to table. None opposed.

Magic Green Cloth: Ian suggested we buy a hundred sheets for $75 and re-sell it for a buck apiece. [Unclear whether this passed by vote, or was tabled till next meeting.--ocw]

Rubber Mats: These would be rubber mats to be placed on the floor in front of the lathes. They are 2' by 3' and would cost $15 apiece. The item was tabled, none opposed.

Knife-Making Class Tool Box: Bob Hamilton and Orrin Winton are compiling a list of leather-making tools and other knife-making tools (and possibly knife-making supplies like A440 steel and brass rods). Next summer the knife-making instructor may not be lending out his tools, because some people failed to return his tools this past summer. The item was tabled, none opposed.

Website: The Secretary Orrin Winton is working with George Gaskill (who is a summer NRA student and formerly taught cannon-making and special projects) to enhance the website. They recently added a page for visitors to fill out a form to request information about the Gunsmithing program. Orrin explained that all the PowerPoint work done by Thom Noblitt-Gonzalez last year is now back in our hands to turn into Web pages, and Orrin and George will be working on this over the next few months. Thom put together quite a bit of explanatory material with pictures of GSS courses.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:30 a.m.


The meeting was called to order at 10:36 am by the President, Jeff Brewton. The President suspended the reading of the Minutes of the May meeting, so there was no report from the Secretary Orrin Winton.

Treasurer's Report: The President gave a Treasurer's Report, there being no Treasurer at present. We have $461.32 petty cash, $95.00 in checks, $2447.17 in our LCC account, and $3819.00 in the safe, for a total of $6822.49.


By-Laws Committee: This consists of Dave Meehan (chairperson), Bill Feierabend, Ian, Jeff Brewton, and Orrin Winton. John Golab joined this committee at this meeting. We are nearly finished with a proposed revision of the Guild By-Laws.

Guild Purpose: The #1 purpose of the Guild is to support the GSS program. 72 Guild flyers were mailed out in Jeff's newsletter; this was just sent out 9/11/06. This cost us only 100 stamps plus the stationery, so a bit less than $40.

Antelope Pit Cleanup: We are helping keep the shooting site open by cleaning it up. The next cleanup will be September 28, Thursday, two weeks from today, and afterwards there will be a BBQ of tri-tip and venison. We meet at the Gunshop at 11:30, take rakes, shovels, etc. to site. There was a motion, 2nd, and it passed, one person opposed.


New Officers: Jeff Brewton explained the new officers information. We provide service to the Guild by being members and serving as officers. We have: President, Vice-President, Secretary (membership and correspondence), Treasurer, and Armorer.

Armorer function: The armorer is the caretaker for the 8 M1-Garands and the 12-to-14 22s we "own." LCC is technically the owner of these firearms; they are not for use in classes; they are for shoots. There are other school guns which are indeed available for working on in classes.

Guild (Outside) Activities: Jeff explained the Childrens Fair and what we do there with children -- shooting BB guns and teaching responsible use of firearms. We need support in order to do functions like this.

More Guild Activities: Summer BBQs: The Guild ran BBQs during the NRA Summer Session, charging $10 per person, Thursday evenings. The cooking & cleanup crew consisted mostly of Jeff Brewton, Dave Meehan, Orrin Winton (and Keith Moore in the early part of the summer). We need more help with the summer BBQs, next summer, if we intend to continue this activity. Should we raise the price to $15 as a fundraising tactic?

Brownell's Flyers: Brownells will send out 5000 of our flyers to its customers for $360.00. Andy Faircloth pointed out that the flyers are thus going to gunsmiths -- people who may think that they don't need more gunsmithing training. We need to pitch the flyers as being also a help to already-gunsmiths. Jeff Brewton proposed that the flyer be changed to fit the market. There was a motion, 2nd, and it passed with none opposed.

CRPA Ad: We have had an ad running in the CRPA (Calif. Rifle and Pistol Association) newsletter. Six months for about $480. There was a motion to renew this effort, 2nd, and it passed with one opposed. Then there was a motion to postpone discussion of the exact details of the adver- tisement till next meeting, 2nd, passed with none opposed. website: This website needs more work in order to be a good advertisement for the Gunsmithing program. Last school year Thom Noblitt-Gonzalez and others put together a great deal of material using Microsoft PowerPoint, and all that material is currently in limbo. Orrin Winton is working with webmaster/owner George Gaskill to slowly get some of this material up on the website.

GSS Banner: It is proposed that the Guild order and pay for three Gunsmithing Department banners for the use of the department at recruiting events, gun shows, etc. Jeff passed around a picture of the proposed 3' x 6' banner. There was a motion we pay for three banners at $150 each, roughly $500. The motion was 2nded, and it passed, none opposed.

GSS T-Shirt: Jeff B. has come up with a logo for a GSS (not Guild) T-shirt, and the logo has been approved by consensus so far. It is proposed that we buy 25 shirts, and donate them to the Bookstore, in order to prove to the Bookstore manager that they will sell. It would take $300 for us to do this. There was a motion to table the item till next meeting; 2nd; passed, none opposed.

Guild Storage shed: This would cost us $400. To hold rakes, Guild tools, misc. There was a motion to buy this, 2nd, passed with none opposed.

Guild Elections: There was a motion to postpone elections till the next meeting, 2nd, passed none opposed.

Guild Newsletter: Orrin Winton pointed out that the Guild newsletter that was sent out had an erroneous Web address for our Guild Minutes. It should be: .

The meeting was adjourned at 11:35 a.m.


The meeting was called to order by the President, Jeff Brewton, at 10:30 a.m.

The Minutes of the April meeting were read by the President in the absence of the Secretary Orrin Winton. Minutes were approved as read.

Treasurer Report: The Treasurer read the report. Balances on hand were unchanged from the April 2006 meeting.

Armorer's Report: Nick C. had nothing to report.


Parts Kits: Flat spring parts kits have not been ordered yet. The round spring parts kits are in stock and being sold by the Guild.

By-Laws: The By-Laws Committee will meet to finish up another draft of the Guild By-Laws.

LCC Bookstore T-shirt logo: This committee will meet to come up with a final design for a T-shirt.

Blank Wood Stocks: We received the stocks, work completed, from Chuck Grace. History: people are buying stock blanks from the Guild and sending them to Chuck Grace to be inletted. (Grace had taught Summer NRA courses in Checkering and in Inletting. He is located in Colorado.)

Summer Program Flyers: Volunteers helped Steve Taylor mail summer flyers.

Childrens Fair: The Fair was a success for us. Plenty of volunteers showed up.


Sponsorship of Soccer Team: At the Childrens Fair, a mother contacted Steve Taylor asking if we'd be willing to sponsor a soccer team. This would involve making a $150 donation, and in return we'd get our name on a spot on their uniforms. Also a banner of our own on the soccer field. This is for a local girls youth soccer team (players approx. 10 years old). There was a motion to sponsor the team. The motion passed, no dissenting votes.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:05 a.m.


The meeting was called to order at 10:35am by Jeff Brewton, President.

The Minutes of the March meeting were read (abbreviated) by Orrin Winton, Secretary.

The Treasurer, Jen Ray, gave the Treasurer's report. We have $3043.29 in the LCC account, $821 in the Armory, and $100 in petty cash.

Armorer's Report: Nick C. reported no changes.


Patches, mugs: Jeff B. has contacted Green Stitches; no action yet (we have paid for them already). Mugs: our order was lost. It's to be filled April 12. Jeff is following up on this.

Website Committee: Thom N-G reported that we are still waiting for Joe Nunez to produce web pages. Jeff B. to contact Joe directly for an update.

Parts Kits: Rich Nola has put prices on the parts kits. The flatspring kit is not ordered yet.


By-Laws: Dave Meehan reported that his By-Laws Committee has updated and rewritten the By-Laws. Dave has paper copies for all of us to review; the committee will review any suggested further changes.

LCC Bookstore T-shirts: Will the LCC Bookstore carry a gunsmithing T-shirt? Mary Murphy stated that, in order for the Bookstore to sell the Guild T-shirt, the bookstore would have to be the sole vendor. No way. Jeff B.: but the bookstore could sell a Gunsmithing Department T-shirt and be the sole vendor. There was a discussion of the issue. Consensus: the costs for a new Gunsmithing Dept T-shirt should not come out of GSS or Guild funds. Consensus: all in favor of pursuing this. Jeff B. to set up a committee, design the T-shirt, and meet with the Bookstore people once again.

Blank Wood Stocks: The supplier for these will be finishing up several, and then mailing them.

Summer Program Flyers: Steve Taylor reported that the summer flyers have come in, and he needs volunteers to help mail them.

Childrens Fair: May 6. We need to get our response in by tomorrow April 7. Nick C. is talking to people about this. We need at least four people to run our booth at the Fair. Several people volunteered.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:00 a.m.


Transcribed by Melissa Sheppard, Vice President, for the Secretary in absentia, then edited by Orrin Winton, Guild Secretary.

Call to order: The meeting was called to order at 10:30 a.m. by Jeff Brewton, President.

February Minutes: Read by President Brewton. Motion to accept as read by Dave Meehan, seconded by Ian H. Motion carried, none opposed.


Hats, patches: Per Jeff Brewton, a check has been given to Green Stitches to cover the total charges. Jeff reports that Green Stitches will report to Jeff about the order of Lassen Gunsmiths Guild patches. Further, Jeff stated that he and Dave Meehan picked up a redone logo from LASCO. This will be used for the coffee mugs; it was shown to members present. “The mug lady has it.”

Website Committee: Thom Noblitt-Gonzales reported that they are waiting for coding before progressing to George Gaskill’s “Friends of Lassen Gunsmithing” website.

Antelope Pit Mile 7 Cleanup: It appears we have committed for quarterly per annum clean-up. What about the weather?

Parts Kits: Rich Nola reported that the Guild has received its order of a number of small parts needed by students, to wit: (a) a blank screw kit, (b) a set of steel roll pins, (c) a plug kit, (d) a torque scope screw kit, (e) a slotted screw kit (f) a round stock spring kit. The prices for each item may be found on the respective kit cover. Rich spent a total of $257.95 for these student-needed items. Bill F. made a motion that a flat spring kit be added to the Guild supply for students. Bruce seconded the motion. Motion carried (?).

Coatings Discount: Rich Nola: Requested to see if the Guild can get a coatings discount on metal finishing. Discussion consensus is to pursue this issue individually. Idea tabled.

Treasurer’s Report: An audit just prior shows that the armory contains $821.00 and the petty cash fund contains $100.00. The LCC accounting fund balance was unavailable.

Armorer’s Report: Nothing to be reported.


By-Laws Update: Jeff Brewton reported that a committee has been formed to revise the Gunsmiths Guild By-Laws. The committee members are: Jeff Brewton, Nick Calcagni, and Dave Meehan. Bill F requested to be added to this committee.

Guns for GSS Classes: There are LCC-owned guns and Guild-owned guns in the “library.” Jeff Brewton has discussed the problem with Instructor John Martin. Jeff proposed that the Guild Armorer control the library of guns. He proposed that the Armorer be responsible for inspection, each library gun issued to a GSS student, and certify that it is returned to the library in the same condition or better condition. Student checking out a library gun must submit a form along with a $25.00 deposit.

Blank Wood Stocks: Jeff Brewton discussed the blank wood stocks. He stated there are 5 persons willing to pursue the discount with Chuck Grace for semi-inletting. Bruce sought clarification that Chuck Grace would semi-inlet for $90.00 plus shipping. Each blank itself costs $25.00. Jeff Brewton stated he would coordinate the order and talk directly to Chuck Grace.

No other business. Meeting adjourned at 11:25 a.m.


The meeting was called to order at 10:35 a.m. Orrin read W. the December Minutes. (There was no January 2006 meeting.) There was a motion to approve the Minutes as read. Vote: none opposed.

There was no Treasurer’s report.


Hats: Jeff B.: We have received 20 of the 37 hats. The check is held up due to LCC computer-system problems, so we are told.

Patches: Jeff: We can’t order them till the check can be issued.

Mugs: They are on order; we have to resolve the ‘name’ issue before we can finalize the order.

Website committee: Thom N-G reported that Joe Nunez has coded some pages; waiting for some information from Steve Taylor.

Shirts: Jeff has picked up 55 shirts. They’re in!

The True Name of the Guild: There was a discussion of which name we prefer for the Guild, since it has been called: (1) Lassen Gunsmith’s Guild, (2) Lassen Gunsmiths Guild, (3) Lassen Gunsmith Guild, (4) Lassen Gunsmiths Guild and Booster Club, (5) Lassen Gunsmithing Guild. Jeff called for a vote, and the vote was: (1) zero votes, (2) twelve votes, (3) zero votes, (4) zero votes, (5) two votes. Resolved: the ‘true name’ of our guild is: Lassen Gunsmiths Guild. Orrin W. asked if we are now going to change our letterhead and membership cards; someone said that could be expensive; Jeff B. to check prices for letterhead and membership card printing.

Screw kits: Rich Nola: Rich said the Guild could purchase several of these kits. Rich read from the Brownell’s catalog; it has many such kits, not just for screws but also for e.g. pins. There was a discussion. All the kits Rich recommended would come to about $150. There were two motions: one to appoint Rich Nola the coordinator for this project, and one to allocate $250 as an initial budget. Vote: none opposed.

Armorer’s report: Nick C.: We have 6 or 7 guns operational out of 14. Others need work. The H&R Model 12s could be used in the DFR Triggers 2 class. There was a discussion as to whether guns should be available for students to work on in their classes. Jeff B. & Jim Wages maintained that students should not be allowed to repair them. (The Garands and the 22s are the only guns owned by the Guild now. There are other guns which are owned by the College.) There was a motion to table the item. Vote: none opposed.

Parts: Jim W.: Armory parts – students have to pay the Guild for them. (Owned by the school, but money goes to the Guild.) Jim: PDs will be sending more donated parts.

By-Laws: Copies of the By-Laws have been distributed for examination. At a future meeting, we will discuss revising them.

Firearms for students for classwork: This item is for future discussion. We are building up an inventory for this purpose. Bob Hamilton: students should ‘ask around’ for use of these guns.

Guild advertising: Melissa S. is not here today.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:20 a.m.


The meeting was called to order at 10:41 a.m. The Secretary (Orrin Winton) read the Minutes of the November meeting. The Minutes were approved by vote, none opposed.

Treasurer’s Report: There was no Treasurer’s report this time.


Hats: Jeff Brewton reported that this is still held up in the Dean’s office. Melissa to check on this. Jeff reported that 38 hats were bought from the 99-cent store, so there was no charge for these from Green Stitches. These are only available in black -wash-denim and green-wash-denim, at $15 (but at double the profit to the Guild). We’re expecting 37 more hats after these.

Patches: The plan is to order 50 four-inch patches, and 50 five-inch patches. For this there will be no 100-patch discount. Total will be $825 plus tax. Our cost is $8 apiece, not $7.70. Discussion: do we still want them at $8 apiece? Nick made a motion that we order 25 and 25. Vote: none opposed.

Mugs: Sandra the Mug Lady has been here. Jeff B. to call her to find out what the status of this.

Website Committee: Tom N.-G. not present. Jeff B. said he’s talked to George Gaskill who is very knowledgeable. Joe Nunez is available to do coding for the web pages. Nick: Tom and Nick to visit Joe in Reno to deliver content to him, in order for Joe to produce web pages that George can put up easily.

Antelope Pit Cleanup: There was a successful cleanup and BBQ.

Shoots: None planned.

Shirts: 55 shirts OKd to be ordered but Jeff B. has not done this yet. This item may be delayed till next semester.

Leupold Scopes: They are here now.

NRA Foundation Grant: $30,000 for armorer (mostly POST-oriented) online classes. Like 870 shotguns, Beretta, LE stuff, Ruger Mini-14, etc.

.22 Target Rifles: Nick to get these in shape.


Guild Advertising: The California Rifle & Pistol Association ad was 1” x 2” , very small and hard to find. $80 would buy a 2” x 2”. Jeff B.: instead of the year- commitment at 1” x 2”, we should do 4 months at 2” x 2”. (The corrections to make the email address lower-case will go into effect in the December issue; the first time the ad appeared, this problem was not corrected.) There was a motion to pay $80 for two months. Vote: none opposed.

Blank Stocks: We received a bunch of blanks for the inletting class. The Guild could have them semi-inletted by Chuck Grace for $125 per stock, or 5 or more for $90 apiece. We would then charge $125 apiece. Discussion followed. There was a motion to sell blanks for $25 apiece; vote: none opposed. Rich Nola to organize groups of 5 students to get the inletting discount. (Inletting not a Guild issue now; inletting to be handled privately.)

Brownell’s kits: Guild could purchase kits, such as screw kits, and Rich Nola to administer it, e.g. sell screws for $1 apiece to replace lost screws. The PEB (parts-in -excess bin). Rich is already administering sharpening stones supply which was given to us. There was a motion that the Guild look into maintaining a stock of screws and sell them to students at cost. (Cost is $90 per set.) Vote: none opposed. Issue tabled, to be decided next meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:23 a.m.


The meeting was called to order at 10:44 a.m. by the President, Jeff Brewton.

The Secretary, Orrin Winton, read the Minutes of the October meeting. (Several corrections were made during the reading.) Minutes as amended were voted approved, none opposed.

Treasurer's Report: Melissa Sheppard reported that our LCC fund is at $3216.29. Other fund figures not available as of today. A purchase order for 75 Guild hats has been submitted to the Dean this week. Then it has to go to Mary Murphy. Our petty cash is at about $90. By next meeting there should be a complete accounting.


Hats: Jeff B. reported that he'd polled members and that is the basis for ordering 75 more hats. There was a discussion. Special order sizes and types have to be prepaid.

Patches: 4" patches are needed to get the necessary detail. Cost is $8/patch. Over 100 is $7.70/patch. Discussion followed. There was a motion for 50 regular and 50 commemorative patches. Vote: none opposed.

Mugs: Jeff B. reported that next Monday a sample is going to arrive. Consensus among members is that we want travel mugs.

Website Committee: Thom Noblitt-Gonzalez reported that he has had a discussion with George Gaskill. Also that Joe Nunez in Reno is willing and able to do the coding for web pages. Thom reported that the committee has decided not to use PowerPoint or FrontPage to do coding. He also reported that George is willing to post finished html to his site. Discussion followed, with Orrin W. objecting to several of Thom's points, particularly to Thom's assertion that the Committee should make final decisions on website policy & then bring its decisions to the membership. Orrin stated that completed website material should be shown to the whole membership before the Guild votes to put any money into this. Jeff B. terminated the bickering by making a motion to table the issue, and to bring the Executive Committee into the Website Committee's discussions, review the information, come to a decision, and bring it to the whole Guild. Voted on and passed.

Antelope Pit Cleanup: We need to do it at least once more before the snow, because it's now a quarterly activity for us. Motion: cleanup and BBQ next Thursday. Vote: none opposed. Regarding food for the BBQ, the question of lamb was discussed. Final consensus was that Jeff B. would decide what meat to buy.

Replacement for Treasurer position: Jennifer Ray was nominated for Treasurer. Jeff B. nominated Audrey for Treasurer. Vote: 6 for Jen, 3 for Audrey. Jen Ray is our new Treasurer.

Shoot Sat Nov 5 1pm: Jeff B. asked the membership if it would be attending if the weather were 40-50 degrees and fairly decent. No one expressed interest. Motion to cancel the shoot. Vote: none opposed, 2 abstain. Shoot cancelled.

Kristin Martin & Softball team sponsorship: The ad we'd get is about twice the size of a business card, goes to print in February. Softball season is Feb-Jun which is when it would be distributed. (Last meeting we had voted on a $35 business package sponsorship.) By participating in this we are "helping sponsor the team." Jeff B. recommended that we make an extra $70 donation on top of the "business package" for a total cost of $105. There was a motion to OK $105 for this. Vote: none opposed.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:31 a.m.


The meeting was called to order at 10:36 a.m. by the President Jeff Brewton.

The Secretary, Orrin Winton, had distributed Minutes of the September meeting beforehand. Bill F. had a correction: the Juniors Shooting Competition: ammo $12 for 308, $18 for 30-06. Shooting fee is $5 for Sierra Sportsmen members, $7 for non-members. Bill F moved to accept Minutes as corrected. None opposed.

Treasurer's Report: Melissa Sheppard stated we took $258.10 in, cash out was $84.95. There is currently $114.55 in petty cash. College account balance not available at this time. We also have about $2000 cash on hand. Bill F moved that the Treasurer's report be accepted. Vote: none opposed.

Vice-President vacancy: Bill F stepped down as Vice-President. Melissa Sh. read letter of commendation from Guild to Bill, presented plaque to him. Bill Feierabend has served the Guild well as President for three years.

Jeff Brewton, President, related that there was an Executive Order to buy a California Rifle & Pistol Association ad ($40) for the November issue of their monthly newsletter. Melissa Sh.: 1" x 2.25" is $40 per month. Four months or more is 10% off. Melissa proposed we buy a block of four months, Nov-Dec-Jan-Feb. Do we also want Mar-Apr-May-Jun ? There was a discussion of the issue. Circulation of the magazine is 80,000. There was a motion to run the ad for four months. Vote: 3 opposed, but the motion passed. [Guild approved the ad for 12 months but in 4-month increments.] Orrin W. corrected the spelling on the email address and website URL. Should be all lower case.

Brownell's advertising (Steve Taylor): Prepared Fall 05 course list and distributed at meeting. Brownell's will put these into their packaging, no charge. Jeff B.: price for 5000 is $321 for printing; there was a motion to do this, 5000 copies for $321 for Brownell's. Vote: none opposed.

Kristin Martin softball team: She is on the college softball team, and is looking for sponsors. The Guild would get advertisement out of it. The "business package" is $35 plus whatever you choose to donate. (Other packages at $50, $75, and $100.) Bill F. stated that this would not be a cost-effective way to advertise. Jim Wages moved to to a $35 business package sponsorship. It will get the Guild's name into the sponsorship flyer. Vote: none opposed, one abstained.

Computer (Web) stuff: Thom Noblitt-Gonzalez and a group of other Guild members want to create a separate Guild website. They have some material gathered, and Joe Nunez would be creating web pages. Thom said he has been unable to contact Orrin W., Orrin says that it's common knowledge that he works in the Learning Center and that's where to find him. Discussion followed, with Orrin stating that we should continue to use the service provided by George Gaskill, not jump to creating a whole new website. The "Website Committee" to meet today at 4:45 pm upstairs classroom with Thom N-G chairing it. Bill F moved to table the issue. Vote: none opposed.

Replacement of the Vice-President: Jeff B suggested Melissa Sheppard for VP for a number of reasons. Discussion followed. Melissa Sh. stated she would resign as Treasurer if elected VP. Nick C. nominated Melissa as VP. Vote: none opposed. Melissa then resigned as Treasurer. Now, we need to fill the Treasurer's position. Orrin stated he is not interested. Bill F. moved to table the issue. Vote: none opposed.

Guild Hats: We should be getting them today.

Gauges: We received the 0-25 and the 0-8 gauges.

T-shirts: Ordered but not received yet.

Mugs, Patches, Stickers: no movement on these issues.

Thanx to Bill F.: Steve Taylor expressed thanks to Bill F for his work as President, and thanked Melissa Sh. for her work. Steve mentioned the ad in The Sportsman of Richmond CA.

Meeting with Dr. Karen Grosz: John Martin and Steve Taylor met with the new Dean. They were working on strategies for increasing enrollments, and they found that Dr. Grosz has found many GSS ideas acceptable. "Open entry open exit" strategy. She wants us to seek opportunities to recruit students. She will OK travel money for tables at gunshows for recruiting. In return, we will have to make a good showing for the Spring 06 semester. There will be money for a brochure for Summer 06. The purchase of a CNC machine, $30,000, was approved. Possibility of courses by interactive TV, online, and correspondence. Steve T. also mentioned POST programs, police departments -- places we can recruit from.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:38 a.m.


The meeting was called to order at 1:25 p.m. by the President, Jeff Brewton. He explained that there are a variety of issues that need to be addressed sooner than the next monthly meeting. One issue is that gunsmithing classes are getting cancelled due to registration being less than 15 students per class. The Guild needs to address this, because the main purpose of the Guild is to support the Gunsmithing Program at LCC.

Treasurer's report: Melissa Sheppard, Treasurer, reported that we have $3200 in cash, $113 in checks, and $2832.93 in the College account. Grand total is $6150.93. Jeff Brewton said that in his opinion we need to spend some money to advertise for the GSS program at LCC.

Gift for Randy: Bob Hamilton stated that Randy has been activated (Nat'l Guard) again, this time to go to New Orleans. We should do something to show our appreciation. Perhaps tile the entryway at his house, 90 sq ft. Cost of materials would be $250 for tile and $150 addl for other materials, total $400. Jim Wages suggested we pay for the entire job. David Meehan moved that the Guild do this. Vote: none opposed.

Advertising for GSS: Jeff B. stated that 20-word ads in the NRA American Rifleman and American Hunter are $13 per word, so $260 for 20 words for one month. The circulation for American Rifleman is 1.4 million, 1.1 mil for Amer Hunter. Another place to buy an ad would be the Lassen County Times, where a 3-column 6-inch ad (a "quarter") would be $105. A "half" is $170. For the edition(?) that goes to six towns, it's $233 for a quarter. GSS night classes would be a good item to advertise. We need immediate results on this. David Meehan: go to gunshows and have a booth; also to Wal-Mart and to air races. Steve Taylor: the admin has cut a couple of classes coming up. But LCC has a contract with students to enable students to finish their degrees or certificates, so GSS students needn't worry too much about completing their programs. There is the possibility of stacking classes to avoid cancellations. Steve Taylor stated that he is not in favor of advertising in the two NRA magazines; they are expensive and would not produce much in the way of results. Here, the LCC Gunsmithing Dept can't get funding to do recruitment at gunshows. Steve suggested that the Guild not do booths; perhaps do a tally of gunshops county by county (email addresses or postal addresses) and send them our schedule for them to post. Also to alumni: send them flyers to take to gunshows and hand them out. Steve stated that the Guild shouldn't spend money on activities that LCC should be doing.

Advertising for GSS: recruiting: Thom Noblitt-Gonzalez: idea of recruiting for the Guild, and recruiting for night classes. Jeff Brewton: a campus Club Fair is coming up Thur Sept 22 in which the Guild will participate. Melissa Sheppard: some Guild members met with ASB President Reginald Elaban who is very excited about shooting sports. But Admin at LCC will not pay for a well-known shooting instructor to give a class here.

Shooting team: Dave Meehan: Idea of forming a shooting team which could have outside members.

Other ideas for advertising: How do people find out about our school? Mostly via the Internet, and some gun shops. Dave Meehan: we should get an advertising consultant. Steve Taylor: California Rifle & Pistol Association. Tom Noblitt-Gonzalez: sponsor a shooting match in town. Melissa Sheppard: put a sign at our garbage can (Antelope Pit) saying "Please take care of your Antelope Pit shooting site. Courtesy of Lassen College Gunsmiths Guild.

Internet advertising: Orrin Winton to do some research and checking about who could do Internet advertising for us. Thom N-G chair of the Advertising Committee of the Guild. There was a motion to create an Internet Advertising Committee. Vote: none opposed. Thom N-G to chair it, Joe Nunez, Orrin Winton, Nick C., Craig Powell, Dave Meehan, Ian Hendricks on the committee.

More on advertising: Jeff Brewton to research alumni to create a mailing list. Should we put ads in the local newspaper? There was a motion to do this; vote: not approved. Should we put ads in the NRA N.R. and N.H.? Too expensive; consensus was not to do this. Natl Rifle & Pistol Association? Jeff B. to look into this. Also, Nick Calgani to look into the question of whether the Guild is allowed to have non-student members.

T-shirts: Jeff B. stated that we need 55 t-shirts to fully stock them, and this would cost $468.95. There was a motion to approve this expenditure; vote: none opposed.

Trigger-pull gauges: 25 total would cost $326.85. There was a motion to approve this expenditure; vote: none opposed.

Guild hats: 25 were ordered. The full Guild logo would not fit on the front, so parts of the logo appear on the front. We've put $100 down on these; $168 more is due. Sample will be shown here for approval. Regarding the amount we'll sell them for, this item was tabled till next meeting.

CNC machine: Jeff B. said he has talked to NRA about grant information for a CNC machine. NRA said that it's possible that a grant for 20% of the cost might be available. Deadline on this is Nov. 15.

Antelope Pit expenses: The Guild bought two rakes and a trashcan for Antelope Pit.

Discounts for members: Jeff B.: Should Guild members get a 25% discount for any items we sell? It would be a sales pitch to perhaps help recruit new members. Dave Meehan: current prices should be Guild prices; more for non- members. A lengthy discussion followed. There was no motion on this.

Petty cash fund: Jeff B.: There should be an amount of money which officers are allowed to spend per month (1st - 30th) without membership approval. Jeff suggested $100. There was a motion to establish a petty cash fund of $100/month and for there to be an accounting of this in the monthly Treasurer's report. Vote: none opposed.

Repair of our firearms: Nick C. inventoried firearms including the non-functional ones. We need to allocate funds to repair these. Nick's report: 8 M1 Garands - all functional; about 80 rds of ammo - .308 and some 30-06; 14 rimfire .22 rifles of 3 makes - some of these need misc repairs. For about $400-600 we could get all the .22s up and firing. 2500 rds of ammo for the .22s would be $85 including shipping. Jim Wages made a motion to buy necessary parts to get these functional, with up to $600 to be approved and more than $600 requires another vote. Vote: none opposed.

Meeting time for monthly meeting: Orrin W. (Secretary) stated that if meetings start at 11am and go over 45 minutes he has to stop taking notes and leave the meeting. Jeff B. stated that he foresees that meetings will indeed often go over 45 minutes. There was a motion to change the meeting time to 10:30 am, on the 1st Thursday of the month. Vote: none opposed.

Summary of expenditures today: Members were reminded that we approved expenditures of $1795 today. This leaves us a balance of $4355.

Shooting event: Jeff B. stated that we need a date for a shoot. Saturday October 1st, pending Sierra Sportsmen approval. There was a motion for this; vote: none opposed.

Appreciation for Bill Feierabend: Melissa Sheppard made a motion that we draft a letter of commendation to Bill F. for all his good work as Guild President. Vote: none opposed. Melissa to draft a letter.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:48 pm.


The meeting was called to order by Pres. Bill Feierabend at 11:03 a.m. The August Minutes were read by the Secretary, Orrin Winton. Bill stated that the Minutes should be amended (re: recruiting for summer banquets) to read that Bill F. will consult with Steve Taylor to see whom we should ask or invite to the banquets. Also, regarding "earning money for the Guild," we already do that. All Dan Ang has to do is let the people who'd like gun work done know they should contact the Guild. The work could be done as a Guild activity or we could do it as individuals. Craig Powell made a motion to approve the Minutes as amended. Vote: none opposed.

The Treasurer Joe Nunez was not present to give the Treasurer's report. It was reported that he has stated he no longer wants to be Treasurer. At the end of "New Business," we will have a Guild election.


Trash container at Antelope Pit: Bill F. spoke about Jeff Brewton's efforts to communicate with BLM on this. (Note: we had been calling the shooting spot the "Mile 7 shooting spot." The correct name is "Antelope Mountain Gravel Pit," or just "Antelope Pit" for short. We will refer to it as "Antelope Pit.") Bill read a letter from BLM Field Manager Dayne Barron. We are authorized to place a trash receptacle there. Jeff Brewton suggested we go ahead with the trash can placement. Orrin suggested chain to metal post. Melissa Sheppard suggested we ask the trash company to donate a can. Bill F. talked about BLM policy regarding Antelope Pit. Jeff Brewton willing to run this program for us (can placement, pickup, etc.). Craig Powell moved to implement this program. Vote, none opposed. Jeff B. to be the Director of Trashcan Management, and will get a price on a can and chain.

Quarterly Cleanup of Antelope Pit: Cleanup and BBQ. There was a motion by Nick C. to have it next Thursday, Sept 8, meet here at 11 a.m. to go up the hill, BBQ at noon-ish. Tom Noblitt-Gonzalez reminded us we need to bring rakes and plastic bags.

Guild Hats: Bill F. stated we can order some nice hats from Green Stitches with our logo embroidered. (Report on patches next meeting.) Minimum order is 24 hats; $15-20 sale price. Cost to us is $8. Colors: red green black blue before. Now: blue, black, dark green, tan/khaki. Order six of each color. White Guild logo. Something else on khaki ones. Craig P. made a motion to authorize Bill F. to order 24 hats. Vote: none opposed.

Guild mugs: Bill F. reported no progress on this to date.

Trigger-pull gauges: Bill F. wants to order at least 20 more heavy-pull (0-25#) gauges. Dave Sheppard made a motion to do same. Vote: none opposed.

Shirts: Keith did not get back to us on this. Bill F. to take care of this. $15 apiece sale price. Guild makes most of its money with the T-shirts.

Bumper stickers: Jeff Brewton has not done research on this to date.

Juniors shooting competition: Guild has 8 M1 Garands and a bunch of target .22 rifles. (Note: Saturday every month is CMP military rifle shoot - Civilian Marksmanship Program.) Bill F. is doing this at the Rice Canyon Range. Non- Sierra Sportsmen members pay $7 to shoot (for ammo). No charge for attendance. You would need 60 rounds, $18. Four of the M1s are .308, 4 are 30-06. Jeff Brewton reminded us that LCC once had a shooting team (handgun silouhette competition). Why not build up our own team? Bill F. stated this should be under New Business, so the item was tabled.

Summer banquets: The one last Thursday had great participation. We made $551 on this, this summer.


Plastic plugs: Bill F. stated that scrap plastic is available to us for this project.

Apple Peddler: Bill F. tried to check with them regarding their policy of having people write on the back of the check to whom a donation should be made. Nothing to report on this yet.

At this point (11:45 a.m.) Orrin Winton, Secretary, left the meeting. Additional Minutes were taken by Melissa Sheppard.

Guild Elections: Nick C. nominated Jeff Brewton for President, seconded by Craig Powell. Craig P. nominated Bill F. for President, seconded by Jim. The vote recorded is: 6 for Jeff Brewton, 2 for Bill Feierabend. Jeff Brewton is new President of the Guild. Craig P. nominated Bill F. for Vice President, seconded by Jeff B. There were no other nominations. Vote: Bill Feierabend new Vice President, none opposed. Jeff B. nominated Melissa Sheppard for Treasurer, seconded by Tom Noblitt-Gonzalez. There were no other nominations. Melissa Sheppard next Guild Treasurer, none opposed. (Melissa inquired about the Guild account, and was advised that the Guild does not maintain its own checking account due to Lassen College regulations, but that the Guild has a Lassen College account with a positive balance of approximately $500.) Jeff Brewton nominated Orrin Winton for Secretary, seconded by Jim Wages. There were no other nominations. Orrin Winton next Guild Secretary, none opposed. Jeff B. nominated Nick C. for Armorer, seconded by Tom N-G. Dave Sheppard nominated Tom N-G for Armorer, seconded by Nick C. Nick nominated Jennifer for Armorer, and that nominated was 2nded. Vote: 5 for Nick C., 1 for Tom N-G, and 2 for Jennifer. Next Guild Armorer is Nick C.

Guild Elections: Summary: President Jeff Brewton, Vice-President Bill Feierabend, Treasurer Melissa Sheppard, Secretary orrin Winton, Armorer Nick Calgani.

Bumper Stickers: Jeff Brewton reported that there is no new information pertaining to developing a Lassen Gunsmiths Guild bumper sticker.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:31 p.m.


The meeting was called to order at 11:09 a.m. The Treasurer, Joe Nunez, was not present, so the Treasurer's report could not be given. The Secretary, Orrin Winton, read the Minutes of the June meeting. There was a motion to accept the Minutes, and the motion passed with none opposed.


Guild Hats: Bill Feierabend reported no progress on this item.

Guild Mugs: Bill F. reported no progress on this item.

Trigger-pull gauges: Bill F. reported they are selling very well. The high-pull ones sold out immediately. We need to order more; this to be covered under New Business.

Mile 7 Cleanup & BLM: Jeff Brewton reported he has talked to several people at BLM. Stan Bales is evidently the person whose jurisdiction this is, but he is on vacation. The "head person," Susan Wantabo, says we should become official BLM volunteers. There was no resolution of this item.

Bob Hamilton: Bob is back alive and healthy after health problems.

Guild BBQs (Summer Banquets): Bill F. reported there has been great participation, and the Guild is making lots of money on this.

Juniors Shooting Competition: Jeff Brewton's item; we're to wait till Fall semester begins & we'll have all the members back. This item tabled.

Plastic plugs: Jeff Brewton talked about making plastic plugs for centering barrels in the headstock of the lathe. Where do we get a source of plastic so we can make the plugs? Brian Ruiz and Melissa had comments on this. Tripps House of Plastics in Reno, 3090 Mill St., Reno NV, 775-348-6676, fax 775-348-5540. Anything bigger than 1" from them, we'll need to special order.

Bumper stickers: Jeff Brewton: researched price of $90 for 250 stickers. Plus $7.76 UPS shipping. Motion by Craig Powell to pursue this; Jeff B. to investigate and report on it. The motion passed with none opposed.

Guild patches: No progress on this item.

Apple Peddler policy: Craig Powell reported that the local restaurant has an in-house program: on the back of your bill you can specify that a portion of your payment should go to whomever you specify. Bill F. to get with Steve Taylor to see how to go about this. Keith Moore expressed the idea that it would be better for the Guild to get the $$, not the GSS Program per se, even if the GSS Program would be the final beneficiary, because of various considerations.

Recruiting for BBQ Summer Banquets: Jeff Brewton: Expressed that perhaps we should try to recruit campus people from outside Gunsmithing to come to the BBQs as paying customers, to eliminate any monetary deficits we may be having. (Bill F. reminded members that we are not having any deficits this summer.) Keith Moore: for public relations we should invite others in the building. Jeff Brewton: motion to invite other people to pay to build up the numbers. The motion passed with no dissent.

Mile 7 Cleanup: Orrin Winton pointed out that the cleanups are now supposed to be quarterly. Bill F. to report at September meeting, when the regular students are back.

Earning money for the Guild: Dan Ang suggested we do outside gunsmithing work and donate the money to the Guild. Bill F. pointed out that the Guild has lots of money already, due to BBQs, T-shirts, etc. But yes, that'd be a good way to generate money. Dan to recruit some people for this and contact Bill F. with results.

T-shirts: Keith Moore pointed out that we may be running low on certain colors and sizes of T-shirts. Keith to take an inventory and report next meeting.

Farewell to Dave Renner: Dave Renner has taken a job at the Federal prison in Herlong, effective August 7. This item will be discussed further at the next meeting.


Bill Feierabend called the meeting to order at 11:02 a.m. Orrin Winton read the May Minutes. Bill stated that, for the Friends of the NRA Dinner, he'd mis-stated the amount the Guild contributed for memberships. The figure should be $150, not $300.


Guild Hats: Bill has not been in touch with Joe Nunez and Gary Peterson on this, so no progress here.

Mugs: No progress on this item.

Childrens Fair: There was excellent participation. At least seven Guild members showed up. We had a good time and ran an amazing number of kids through. Keith Moore has pictures. Keith to give Orrin a pic to put up on the Guild website.

Trigger-pull Gauges: We have them. $20 apiece, see Wild Bill. We're making $7 or $8 apiece on these. They have our logo on them, a little bitty sticker. We ordered 50, have sold 2 to date. 40 of the 50 are 8oz - 10 lb. Ten were for checking double-action pull, so over 10#.

Trash can at Mile 7: Jeff Brewton reported no progress contacting BLM; they are not returning his calls. Jason Paiva asserted that the site belongs to Parks & Recreation, not BLM, but this contradicts what BLM has told us.

Childrens Fair Next Year: Thom Noblitt-Gonzalez discussed concerns regarding this. We should contact NRA to get Eddie Eagle materials (safety for kids, coloring books, etc.).


Guild Summer Banquets: Bill F.: The last two summers the Guild has put on Thursday eve banquets during the summer session. There have been two main problems: (1) we didn't make much money last year, mostly because the price of tri-tip went up, (2) there was lots of intensive labor falling mostly on 3 people: Aaron Gelhaus, Dave Renner, and Bill Feierabend. If we're going to do this this summer, the Guild has to decide to do it. If so, who will be here to do the work? Bill F., possibly Aaron. We need to solicit volunteers from among Guild members. Keith Moore moved that we do the Thursday eve BBQs again this summer. Dean Miller seconded the motion. Several people volunteered to help on the weeks they'll be here. John Martin will talk to Dale (vs. G&L) about bulk prices on tri-tip. A vote was taken, and the Motion passed, none opposed.

Juniors Shooting Competition?: Jeff Brewton to head up a committee to sponsor this. To report next meeting.

Enrollment for classes: Steve Taylor spoke of the memo from the LCC President regarding enrollment. Don't drag your feet enrolling for classes. There have to be 15 on each roster by 10 days before the class begins, or else the class gets cancelled.

Making room in the gunshop: Steve Taylor announced that two long tables in the lower gunshop have to be cleared for summer classes. This includes emptying the underneath storage cabinets as well.

Bob Hamilton in hospital: Jim Wages announced that Bob is in the hospital with gall bladder and pancreas problems - Kaiser Hospital in Roseville.

Rodeo wants our help: Jim Wages said that Scott Duggan is requesting our help for the Rodeo to have us cook for them again. Long hours of work, possibly in July. Jim suggested we "pass" this time. There was no motion to participate again this year.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:45 a.m.

MAY MEETING (5/05/05)

The meeting was called to order at 11:10 a.m. by Pres. Bill Feierabend. Joe Nunez read the Treasurer's report. We started with $2324.41, incoming was $180.00, $1492.08 was spent, for a new balance of $1012.33. Of money spent, $300 went as a donation to the Friends of NRA Dinner (to pay for six memberships to the Sierra Sportsmen). Orrin Winton read last meeting's Minutes. There were corrections: Dave Renner pointed out that the BBQ list of cooks should include John Martin and Jason Paiva. Jim Wages corrected the "Friends of the NRA Dinner" to read "May 9 is the deadline to get put in another drawing for $300 worth of raffle tickets." There was a motion to accept the Minutes as amended. This motion passed with no dissents.


Leupold Scopes: Most of the students have gotten their scopes by now. A thank you to John Indell for facilitating this.

Mile 7 Cleanup & BBQ: Keith Moore: Three pickups were filled with the trash. Craig Powell: The Lassen County Times photographer was there, and the following Tuesday on page 3 we appeared. Three Ag Dept students assisted with the cleanup, and they were present also for the BBQ.

Guild Hats: Gary Petersen: can get info today after consulting with Joe Nunez who's also been working on it.

Trigger-pull Gauges: The provider -- Feather River Sports -- wants to do business with us. We just have to contact them.

Childrens Fair: This Saturday. We need help to transport haybales. Jason Paiva can transport haybales. Keith Moore can help transport people. About 7 people raised their hands saying they'd help. Teaching kids about shooting safety. The Lassen County Office of Education says we'll be in Space 62, 10 am to 4 pm. Start setting up between 6 and 9:30 am. Vehicles must be off the Fairground by 9 am. We need to get there by 8:00 - 8:30 am to set up the haybales. Afterwards we'll go out and have pizza on the Guild.


Trash can at Mile 7 site? Jeff Brewton raised the idea of putting trash can(s) at the Mile 7 shooting site, and maintaining the can(s). There was a discussion. The members resolved to ask BLM what they think about the idea; Jeff Brewton to research w/BLM and report next meeting. Tabled.
Make the Cleanup quarterly? Craig Powell and Tom Noblitt- Gonzalez suggested we make the cleanups quarterly -- once every three months instead of just twice a year. Orrin W. reported that the Recreation manager at BLM, Stan Bales, stated that public shooting at the site is permitted because it fills a public need, but that if it weren't for the efforts of groups like ours, they would shut it down (because of litter). There was a motion to make the cleanups quarterly. It passed with none opposed.

Guild website: Orrin W. reported that he and George Gaskill are sprucing up the website with pix from the last cleanup and BBQ.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:40 a.m.


The meeting was called to order at 11:02 a.m. by Pres. Bill Feierabend. The Treasurer (Joe Nunez) was absent so there was no Treasurer's report. Orrin Winton read the March meeting Minutes, and these were approved with no dissenting votes.


Leupold Scopes: Big discounts are available for full-time gunsmithing students. A list is being passed around to sign up for these.

Mile 7 Cleanup & BBQ: This will be held on Thursday, 4/14/05 at 11 a.m. Bring shovels, your gloves, plastic trash bags, and rakes. While other members are doing the cleanup at Mile 7, Bill F. and others will be preparing lunch. Dave Renner to round up BBQ gear. Jim Wages can bring some rakes. Orrin to call BLM to try to get their photographer/public relations guy to come to the cleanup. Bill F. to call the Lassen County Times to see if they'll cover it. Bill F. to make salad & desert. Tri-tip and sausage. There was a headcount of those who want tri-tip and sausage (and perhaps chicken), ca. 18, which Dave R. needed to get the meat. Cooks will be Dave R., John Martin, Jason Paiva, and with Jim W. and Bill F. assisting.

Guild Hats: Richard Nola did indeed contact various Bay Area businesses to try to get quotes on hats and patches, but none of them returned his calls. Joe Nunez is not here today so he can't report on what progress he'd made. Gary Petersen said he would do some research as well.

Trigger-Pull Gauges: No progress on this project.

Children's Fair: Saturday, May 7. We've paid our money and reserved our spot. We'll have a Guild meeting just before that on Thursday to gauge who's going to be there.


Friends of the NRA Dinner: June 2, Thursday. John Martin and Jim Wages have tickets for sale, $35/ticket. May 9 is the deadline to get put in another drawing for $300 worth of raffle tickets. Raffle tickets by themselves are $10 apiece or 3 for $20. Profits go to the NRA, a worthy cause that helps us -- the NRA granted Sierra Sportsmen money to improve the Rice Canyon Range & its road. In the past, the Guild has contributed to these NRA banquets: money, or gun work. Richard Nola and Jim Wages were for donating memberships -- Guild to pay for memberships & they'd be raffled off at the dinner. Jim Wages made a motion the Guild donate five memberships to Sierra Sportsmen ($30 apiece). There was a discussion; the motion passed with none opposed.

Typist needed: Steve Taylor stated that the Gunsmithing Office needs volunteer typists to take care of some office work.

Pigeons needed: Steve Taylor stated that he needs people to donate live pigeons, for the purpose of hunting dog training.

Reno Gunshow: Tomorrow, 4/7 Friday, thru Sunday, 4/9, the Gunsmithing Dept will have a booth at the big Reno gunshow for the purpose of outreach/recruiting for the program.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:37 a.m.


The meeting was called to order at 11:02 a.m. by Pres. Bill Feierabend.

Treasurer's report: Joe Nunez reported that we have $2324.41 plus over $3K in our school account ($1K of which is earmarked for equipment in the shop).

Secretary's report: Orrin Winton read the Minutes of the February meeting. They were approved, no dissenting votes.


T-shirts: Bill Feierabend has ordered them. By the end of next week (i.e. about 3/15/05) we'll have them. Inventory: large none left, few XL. So Bill ordered extras in those sizes.

Mugs: Still trying to locate someone to print on the curved surface of the mugs.

BBQ & Mile 7 Cleanup: Lot of broken glass up there, according to Bill F.; no large objects or paper though. We'll need containers, rakes. When? April. There was a motion to do it the 2nd Thursday of April (make plans at the next meeting), invite the Ag Club to the BBQ after the cleanup. The motion passed, none opposed.

November & December Minutes: Orrin W. reported that Minutes for some of last fall's meetings had been recovered after being temporarily lost, and they're all up on the website.


Guild Hats: Bill F. and Joe Nunez have been talking about Guild hats. The ones we have are so cheap that no one wants them. In the past we had better quality ones, an embroidered cotton hat. We could get embroidered patches to put on the hats & could also sell the patches separately. There was a discussion of this. Joe Nunez told the membership the prices he'd found for patches, hats, and hats with patches. Places we could get the work done include: Green Stitches in Susanville, Lasco-Roop, and Quartermaster. There was a consensus that we should look into this matter of patches. Also, Richard Nola will call some SF Bay Area contacts for info on patches and hats.

Trigger-pull gauges: Feather River Sports. They are $13-14 apiece with our logo on them. Brownell's sells the same item for $35 apiece. We could sell them for $20. John Indell: 20% markup only for members. We're going to check these out and discuss further next meeting, and get hard numbers on prices.
Children's Fair: BB gun competition: the Guild does this. The children shoot for free; safe gun handling is taught. May 7, 2005 10am to 4 pm (Saturday). Entry fee is $20. The Guild has done this no charge as a community service. We have BB guns and BBs. Bill F., Keith Moore, and many others present raised their hands for participating in this. There was a motion to participate. It passed, with none opposed. John Indell: can we get enough hay-bales? We might borrow some from the College. 30 bales in order to have two shooting areas. Paper plates for targets and crayons to draw a target; the kids enjoy making their own targets.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:32 a.m.


The meeting was called to order by Pres. Bill Feierabend at 11:03 a.m. He started by talking about a leaflet he recently received from the Klamath Falls Oregon shooting association's gun, knife and coin show. There was no interest expressed by the membership.

Armory: There's been much progress on the Armory. It's been cleaned and painted. Haven't yet spent any Guild funds on it. Jim Wages graciously donated all the money. Jim W.: shelves are up. John Martin donated gas money to pick up the shelving in Nevada. Craig and Jim W. straightened up and sorted stuff. (Hopefully we've gotten all cartridges out of the gunshop area.) We need everyone to help keep the Armory orderly. Once things are taken care of electrically (Phil in Maintenance), we'll be in business. John Martin also donated paint and painting equipment.

Mugs: We've identified the type of mug we want but no other progress to date.

Soda Machine: The D&L machine is not producing enough income to support itself yet. Jim W. is subsidizing it until it does. He may put another one (also D&L) up by the office.

Ag Club: We may have a BBQ in March or April, but not in February.

Underground Range: This project is years in the future. But the Rice Canyon range will open in a few months. Jim W.: Sierra Sportsmen got an NRA grant to improve the Rice Canyon range: the road, and the pistol range. Jim Wages has applications for Sierra Sportsmen membership. It's $30 per year single member. (A sidenote: Guild membership is $50 lifetime.)


Selling Guild items: Jim W.: How to get to the T-shirts and other Guild items in order to sell them? Answer: the President, Vice President, and Treasurer all have keys.

T-shirts: Bill F. will make sure our T-shirt stock is replenished.

Custom Rifle: John Indell: The building of a custom rifle for someone will be a school project, not a Guild project.

BBQ: We'll talk about this next meeting.

Mile 7 Cleanup: next meeting

Summer 2005: Steve Taylor: The flyers for the Summer gunsmithing classes will arrive soon.

December 2004 Meeting: 12/02/04

The meeting was called to order at 11:00 a.m. Orrin read the November Minutes. The Minutes were approved by the membership.

Old Business:

Treasurer's Report: Joe Nunez. There is $2068.68 in petty cash. $118.28 over last month. Bill F.: the account with LCC has $2000-3000 in it. Joe: Can we put petty cash in an outside bank, not the school? Orrin: Need to check if any College rules apply here. Jim Wages: Credit Union account is possible.

Executive Committee meeting in November: see the Executive Committee Minutes below. There have been major changes to plans for the gunshop armory. John Martin's suggestions re: shelves for armory. Liability problems. Gorilla racks, plastic bins on the racks; all the Guild materials in there, including the T-shirts. John Martin: one Saturday in December we need to clean and paint the armory before putting in shelves; also we are talking about a possible underground indoor range on campus.

Ag Club: We got a thank-you card from the Ag Club for our help in their October event, plus $20. Dave Renner: Invite the Ag Club to a February BBQ here as guests. Motion to that effect. The motion passed with no dissenting votes.

Mugs: We still have no definite supplier and price. We're working on this yet.

Armory cleanup: Jim Wages, John Indell, Bill F., Tom Noblitt-Gonzalez, Allan Brunner, Keith Moore, Dean Miller, Larry Castillo, Craig Powell, John Martin. Saturday, December 11 at 9 a.m. There was a motion to carry this out. It passed, none opposed. We'll need paintbrushes, brooms, mops.

Racks for armory: Should we continue to explore what's available for these? There was a motion by Keith Moore to leave this matter to the Executive Committee. The motion passed with no dissenting votes.

New Business:

Soda machine: Jim Wages stated that D&L Distributing will deliver a soda machine to the gunshop, and it won't cost us a thing. This would replace the current machine which doesn't work. (The two machines from Noble just don't work.) Jim is willing to take charge of the project. D&L would just sell us the soda pop, and we would keep the profit. There was a motion to carry this out, motion by Keith Moore. The motion passed with no dissenting votes.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:35 a.m.

November 2004: Executive Committee Meeting

(The date of the meeting is not in the record.) The meeting was called to order by Guild President Bill Feierabend at 12:25 p.m. He asked committee members what direction they wanted the Guild to go in and if they had any specific suggestions.

John suggested contacting the Boy Scouts and 4-H in regard to "youth shoots." This would require participation of Guild members, year-round gun training, possible indoor airgun competititions during the winter months.

Keith Moore asked about membership among new students; John suggested canvassing students.

The Committee discussed reorganization of the armory. John suggested that Gorilla racks would be cheaper and would avoid liability problems in the future. The Committee decided to go that way, and to consider supplying plastic bins to organize parts.

The Guild will also move the Guild T-shirts, recoil pads, and supplies into the downstairs armory. John Martin suggested Saturday in December to clean out the armory and paint it.

John suggested in any Guild function we need as much participation as possible.

John discussed plans for an indoor range on campus -- plans on hold for now, but he's hopeful for the future.

November Meeting (11/4/04)

The meeting was called to order at 11:00 a.m. The Minutes of the October meeting were read by the Secretary, Orrin Winton. The Minutes were ordered changed as follows: under New Business, Shooting Match, the sentence "To compete, you have to be either a certified marksman, member of a sportsmens club, or retired military" is to be deleted, since this is not accurate. With that emendation, the Minutes were approved by vote.

Old Business:

M1 Stocks: These arrived 10/7/04. Bob Hamilton is fitting them to the guns. Six are completed.

Mugs: We decided on a design and supplier. Will order 250 as soon as we get a price.

Armory: John Indell has information; this was put under "New Business" for later in the meeting.

Shelves for armory: Keith Moore: We can get the surplus shelves from the Creative Arts building, but right now there's no place for them in the Armory.

Ag Dept BBQ: Ag had planned a BBQ for Oct 30 but lacked personnel to staff it. The Guild ended up contributing labor for their BBQ and the profits were split. However, there were no profits. Jason Paiva, Keith Moore, Tom Noblitt-Gonzalez, and Alan Brunner were the volunteers.

New Business:

Theft/Vandalism in the gunshop: Dave Renner reported that there is some steel currently missing from the Shop. So mark all your equipment and tools with a scribe. Bill F.: If you borrow something, return it!

Armory: John Indell: Reported on possible choice of materials for making shelving for the Armory. Wood and angle-iron. John can supply wire and welder. He will come up with figures for the next meeting for lumber and iron. There will be an Executive Committee meeting to decide on lumber. There was a motion to choose 1.25" 1/8" angle iron for $366. The motion passed with none opposed.

Conservative films on campus: Orrin Winton reported that the humanities and social science faculty have been sponsoring films like Michael Moore's piece of trash Fahrenheit911 and a film extolling the soldierly virtues of John Kerry. Could the Guild sponsor some conservative films on campus? Keith Moore countered that the Guild should not get involved in politics. Orrin said that the school environment is already political. Bill F. suggested Guild members contact Orrin if they're interested in getting conservative films sponsored on campus.

Summer volunteers: Dave Renner explained that Spring and Summer are always busy for the Guild. The same four or five people are always doing everything. He called for more volunteers this spring and summer.

Young people participation in shooting sports: John Indell spoke about the increasing participation of young people (kids) and how the Guild should continue to get involved in these activities.

Guild cleanup of Mile 7 Hwy 139 Shooting Spot: Keith Moore thanked everyone who participated in this. Keith did an article in the school paper, The Cougar, on this.

Childrens Fair: This provided good publicity for Gunsmithing. We used to have enough participation to have only 3-hr shifts for these events. We need volunteers for the opening day of the Rice Canyon Range. Shovels, rakes.

Gun Control Posters: Orrin is selling his anti-Gun Control posters he designed in Computer Graphics class for $2. A buck apiece goes back to Journalism to help buy more ink cartridges.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:30 a.m.

October 2004 Meeting (10/07/04)

The meeting was called to order at 11:00 a.m. The President, Bill Feierabend, read the September Minutes. There were no additions or corrections, and the Minutes were approved by vote without opposition.

Old Business:
M1 Stocks: Bill F. has called the supplier, and the stocks were shipped out 9/30. They are due any day now.

Mugs: Alan Brunner: There are three different sources for the mugs. Bill F. passed around sheets on mug designs. The membership is to decide, by consensus, which mug to buy. This issue was tabled till next meeting; hopefully by then people will have gotten a chance to look at the available designs.

BBQ: The Mile-7 Cleanup and BBQ was a success; a good time was had by all.

New Business:
Donation to Gunsmithing: John Indell got a $1000 donation by doing repair work on a rifle. The money is going to the Gunsmithing program here at the College.

Armory racks: John Indell: Said he can make racks for the armory. Get the angle iron, and we can put together just about anything for the storage boxes. John can get metal for $0.35/lb. Keith Moore: will find out if Creative Arts building shelving is available for this project. It was moved and seconded to have John Indell (with Guild funds) weld the angle-iron; Alan Brunner to design the racks. The motion was adopted without opposition. Keith Moore will check on the surplus shelving.

Shooting Match: This Saturday is a CMP (Civilian Marksmanship Program) Match. To compete, you have to be either a certified marksman, member of a sportsmens club, or retired military.

Elections: Guild Election was held. Nominations were: President: Bill Feierabend, Vice-President: Keith Moore, Secretary: Orrin Winton, Treasurer: Joe Nunez, Armorer: John Indell. None of the offices were contested. All nominees were voted into office without opposition.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:18 a.m.

September 2004 Meeting (9/02/04)

The meeting was called to order at 11:02 a.m.


M1 Stocks: The M1 stocks are "on the way." $670-some cost. Bob Hamilton will be fitting these rifles. (There was a 4-week delay.)

Summer BBQs: Thursday evenings during the Summer session the BBQs held by the Guild net income was $273.91. The increased cost of tri-tip lowered our profits this time. Aaron Gelhaus, Dave Renner, and Bill Feierabend were the main movers on this project. Next summer we need to give Dave a break -- we need volunteers to work on the BBQs.

Mugs: Last meeting we authorized 250 mugs. However, they don't make the model we want anymore. Bill Feierabend wants to get a subcommittee together and pick out the design we want -- pick it out on the Net. Allan and Bill will do this.

Recycling: John Skaggs took our bags and bags of aluminum and plastic containers in for recycling, and we netted $27.50 for these.


Mile 7 Cleanup: We've been doing this twice a year: once in the Spring and once in the Fall. Skaggs moved to do one on September 16, Thursday, and have it followed by a Guild BBQ. The motion was adopted without opposition. Orrin Winton will call the BLM to try to get the BLM publicity/photographer guy to come to the cleanup like he did in May. Bill F. will do the salad for the BBQ. Menu: tri-tip, beans, salad.

Flag at Skyline Park: Jason Paiva pointed out that the flag in Skyline Park is left on the flagpole all night with no light illuminating it. Guild consensus was that we should investigate trying to get the city (county?) to provide night lighting for Old Glory.

The meeting adjourned at 11:16 a.m.

August 2004 Meeting (8/5/04)


T-shirts, M-1 stocks: Bill Feierabend pointed out that we've been selling lots of T-shirts. Also, we'll soon order stocks for the M1 rifles so Bob Hamilton can work on them; it will come to about $800. We have adequate funds "in the cash box" for our projects.

Guild mugs: The mugs will be plastic. How many should we order? Cost is $2.95 apiece, with a minimum order of 250, so we're talking about $750. Skaggs suggested we sell them for $5 apiece. Skaggs moved to order them, and sell them at $5 apiece. None were opposed. The motion passed.

County Fair: Dave Renner did a BBQ at the Fair for our LCC Ag people; Ag had no available funds for a BBQ, so the Guild funded it. Dave, Keith Moore, and others did this. (Saturday July 30 all day.) After the event, we ended up with lots of soda pops and charcoal, and we brought over $100 to the Guild. A very sincere 'thank you' to those who participated.

Recycling containers for the Guild: John Skaggs pointed out that we have six bags of cans and bottles ready to cash in, but his vehicle will not handle all those bags. Another Guild member (present) volunteered his pickup to do this. Bill F. pointed out that we should all be putting our cans and bottles in the recycling bins in the Gunshop, not in the trash.


Rodeo: John Skaggs asked when the Rodeo is this year. Dave Renner answered: mid-October. Skaggs pointed out it would be a good fundraiser for us, and that he is willing to work it. Bill F. said he would put it on next month's meeting Agenda; Renner will gather info about it.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:20 a.m.

July 2004 Meeting

[No meeting was held in July.]

June 2004 Meeting (6/3/04)

President of the Guild, Bill Feirabend, explained the purpose and workings of the Guild to new students.


Summer Session BBQs: Bob Hamilton mentioned the barbeques on Thursday evenings during Summer session. The Guild will be doing these again this year. People who want to partake, Guild members or not, will pay $10 for the meal.

Leupold Discounts: The paperwork for gunsmithing students to get a discount on Leupold scopes, is still in the process of being submitted.

There was no NEW BUSINESS.

May 2004 Meeting (5/6/04)


Computer for gunshop: John Indell: the computer issue was discussed.

M1 Garands: The stocks will be ordered after T-shirts are ordered.

T-Shirts: Bill Feierabend promised to order T-shirts tomorrow.

The Childrens' Fair: There was a good show of people at the Childrens' Fair. Pizza and beer were provided to those who showed up for work; provided by the Guild.

Other topics: We need to show ourselves more in the public eye; need to boost T-shirt sales and Guild membership sales.


Hunter Safety Class: Possibility was discussed of doing a hunter safety class as a public service for children. We would need to get certified to conduct hunter safety / hunter education classes. John(?) to get together with Bob on this.

Guild website: The Guild space on Orrin Winton reported that the Dean, Jerry Barbee, had objected to some of the content of He took the view that some visitors to the main site might believe that it was the official Lassen College website. So George Gaskill has made some small changes that make it clear that it is not the official College site.

BBQ: Motion to have a BBQ, seconded. BBQ to happen Wednesday, May 12. Passed.

BLM shooting spot at Mile 7, Hwy 139: Jason Paiva reported that the #2 person for this district of the BLM has stated that the BLM is thinking of terminating the shooting spot because there is so much trash left there. There was a motion to do another semi-annual cleanup of the site; seconded; passed. Need to bring garden rakes, trash bags. The cleanup to take place on Wednesday, May 12, at 10:00 - 10:30 a.m. at Mile 7 on Hwy 139, followed by the BBQ at the Gunshop at noon.

April 2004 Meeting (4/01/04)

The meeting was called to order by the Guild President, Bill Feierabend, at 11:07 a.m.


Rocky Mtn Spike Camp: Bill Feierabend gave a report on this event. He and other participants had a really good experience with the 94 kids. We will do it again May 1st for the Childrens' Fair, all day; we need help with this. Last year at the Childrens' Fair there were hundreds of kids.

Garands: Bob Hamilton reported on this. We had 8 Garands, three with good barrels; had to order five new barrels. He chambered and tested them. Four .30-06 and four .308s. Barrel, bedding, bullet: the three Bs for accuracy. But the stocks are WW2 vintage and the fit is such that this makes them not very accurate. We could: (1) buy new stocks ($70 apiece), about $600 total; (2) Buy just two stock sets, one .308 and one .30-06 to make two rifles into match rifles, and leave the six others with the old stocks. Bill F. suggested we get a .308 spacer block; these are $20 apiece. Bill commented that we have $3311 after paying the $900 for barrels. We can afford new stocks for all 8 guns (less than $600). There was not a motion to buy spacer block(s) at $20 apiece. Jim Wages made a motion to buy all new stocks, for a disbursement of about $560. The motion was seconded. Discussion: Wages stated that we are gunsmiths and we should keep the rifles in good match condition. Vote: passed overwhelmingly but not unanimous.

New computer: There is a "new" computer in the gunshop office but it is only a Pentium-1 with 80 MB of memory. Orrin is still working on getting a "new" machine via the ASB (student government). Tyler has looked into prices for brand new machines (see last month's Minutes).

T-shirts: Bill F.: please let Bill know if anyone has special requirements for T-shirts, for when he orders them -- special sizes, colors.


Summer Session BBQs: Bill F.: During last summer's classes, the Guild had a BBQ every Thursday night. We have to decide: are there enough of us here to do this work this summer. This activity generates funds for the Guild. At least 4 people (2 cooks and 2 gophers) are needed. Bob Hamilton and Bill Feierabend and others volunteered. There was a motion to put on the summer BBQs as in previous summer. The motion was 2nded. Discussion: there may or may not be a school 'meal plan' (lousy food) this summer. Visiting students who bought the meal plan had to pay again for the Guild BBQ. There was a vote; the motion passed with none opposed. Summer session starts June 1st on a Tuesday.

Birthdays announced: Dave Renner: Dave announced two birthdays for gunsmithing people. There was a round of applause. There will be a collection for birthday gifts.

BBQ in two weeks: Bill F. asked for a motion for a Guild BBQ in two weeks (Thursday, April 15). There was a motion, it was 2nded, and it passed.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:33 a.m.

March 2004 Meeting (3/4/04)

The meeting was called to order by the Guild President, Bill Feierabend, just after 11:00 a.m.


Portable canopies (pop-up awnings; sunscreens): John Skaggs stated that he needed the funds for the purchase of the portable canopies. Bill Feierabend stated that the disbursement is already authorized. The funds will be handed over to John Skaggs.

Plaques: Jim Wages had nothing further to report regarding the plaques to honor members of the Guild for their service.


Suggestion Box: There were two suggestions in the Suggestion Box: (1) Rocky Mtn Spike Camp: March 20 (Sat. or Sun.) -- possibility of donating time for a BB gun event for kids (Dave Renner). We did this at the Fairground last year; the location is to be announced for this year's event. Dave Renner will get more information for us. We definitely will participate. (2) Lassen County Office of Education: we got a letter from them regarding the Childrens' Fair. We previously have done a booth for them. Saturday May 1st 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. They'll provide an area for us. Eric will get hay bales for us for this. Motion to pay $20 to them to have a booth. Motion passed, none opposed.

Steve Taylor had three items: (1) Midway Gunsmith Supply: if you're a student carrying 12 units or more, Midway will give you a dealer's discount for two years. Procedure: you have to provide them a copy of the classes you're enrolled in, plus a letter on gunsmithing letterhead from the gunsmithing office. Students interested in this should get a copy of their Spring schedules in to Bill F. by a week from Friday (i.e. by 3/12/04). (2) Scholarships are available for vocational trades. Not just for transferring students. Applications are at the Financial Aid office. (3) Last week he (Steve Taylor) found a Western Field Scope for a rifle on the internet for $50 cheaper than anywhere else. Ordered it. They will give a dealer's price on optics; ship-to would be yourself care of the college gunsmithing department. Lots of brands available with this discount. (Leupold also has a special deal for us -- jobber's rate, maybe half-price, plus they engrave your name on the scope. OPTIC ZONE.)(Bill F. is going to draft a letter complaining to Leupold about how we're supposed to be getting this discount but AREN'T.)

New computer? Tyler: the gunshop needs a new computer; he is looking on the internet for one. A certain Pentium 4 Celeron with printer (no monitor) would cost the Guild $476 after a $100 rebate. Skaggs: motion to allow Tyler to look into this. Wal-Mart is charging up to $600 for comparable equipment. Discussion: Well, we also need more T-shirts and hats; $1000 for barrels; we may have enough funds for a new computer. Steve Taylor: Is there any chance of getting anything good used thru the government? Orrin suggested trying to see if the ASB (Student Government) could help the Guild get a machine for the gunshop. There was a motion that Tyler pursue the pricing of a machine on the internet; it passed. There was a motion that Orrin check into whether the ASB could help the Guild get a computer; it passed.

Affadavits are due again: Dave Renner: Affadavits were due Jan. 1st, so they are way past due for this calendar year. Get them at the Office; and Renner can notarize them for $10 apiece.

Guild storage problem: Bill F.: the Guild has a storage problem. We'll have to deal with this. Renner suggested selling off stock blanks to free up space, and he suggested $10 per stick. There was a motion to sell off the stock blanks for $10 apiece, it was 2nded and passed.

Garands: There was a motion that there be a show of appreciation to Bob Hamilton for his work on the Garand barrels. The motion was made, 2nded, and it passed unanimously.

Break Free! The school is a distributor for Break Free. Bill F. will get an order together.

T-shirts: A motion was made to raise the price of the Guild T-shirts from $12 to $15. The motion was 2nded and passed, no dissenting votes.

Cleanup of outside of shop: Dave Renner said we need to clean up the outside of the gunshop. Trash, junk. We should all take a part in picking up stuff. Cigarette butts. Get on people's case if you see them throwing butts in the snow.

Gunshop armory: Jim Wages suggested putting in shelving in the armory to organize things. Gorilla racks 7' x 4' are $54.00. Just something to think about. Or, do people have lumber at home they'd be willing to donate. There was a motion, it was 2nded, and passed, to have J. Wages investigate and report at the next meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at about 12:00 noon.

February 2004 Meeting (2/5/04)

The meeting was called to order by the Guild President, Bill Feierabend, just after 11:00 a.m.


Portable canopies (pop-up awnings; sunscreens): John Skaggs requested funds for the purchase of portable canopies for BBQs and other outdoor Guild functions. A motion was made and passed to provide him with the funds.

Garand barrels: Bob Hamilton reported on his progress on ordering the new barrels for the Guild Garands. He has received the barrels and blued them.

Plaques: Jim Wages reported on his progress in ordering the plaques to honor members of the Guild.


Guild By-Laws: The Guild By-Laws were changed. Article II, the objective of the Guild, was modified. Previously the objective was to "encourage organized rifle and pistol shooting in the community." This was changed to read: "The object of this organization shall be the promotion of the gunsmithing profession in general, and specifically the Gunsmithing program of Lassen College, and the encouragement of the shooting sports in our community."

Other items: (1) It was decided to have a Guild BBQ in two weeks. (2) John Skaggs suggested that a certificate be provided for life members of the Guild to recognize their commitment. It was decided to pursue this at the next meeting.

December 2003 Meeting (12/4/03)

At 11:02 a.m. the meeting was called to order by the Guild President, Bill Feierabend.


Pop-up awnings were discussed. (See "Sunscreen" item in the November 2003 Minutes below.) John Skaggs had some information on this. Greg talked about a particular kind of tent in Reno on sale. Skaggs volunteered to go there and look at it.

Garand barrels: Hamilton discussed Garand barrels. There are a variety of prices, based on three different options. There was a motion to purchase Douglas barrels, using $1000 of Guild funds for 5 barrels. The motion passed. Hamilton is to do the work on them.

More on Garand barrels: Discussion followed, on what calibers of barrels to purchase, .308 or .30-06. It was noted that .30-06 surplus is drying up these days. There ws a motion to purchase one .30-06 barrel and four .308 barrels for the Garands. The motion passed. This plan will give us a total of four Garands .30-06 and four .308.


Date and time of elections: There will be changes in the By-Laws regarding elections. In the old By-Laws, the election was to be the 2nd Tuesday in May. A motion was made and seconded to hold the elections on the first Thursday of the Fall semester each year. This passed unanimously. Then, Feierabend suggested that the By-Laws also be changed to make the "promotion of the Gunsmithing program at LCC, and gunsmithing in general, the main objective of the Guild." The secondary objective of the Guild would be "to promote shooting in the community." He volunteered to come back next meeting with the proposed changes.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:20 a.m.

November 2003 Meeting (11/06/03)

[Note: There was no official meeting in October and therefore no Minutes for October.]
Meeting called to order at 11:00 a.m. by the President, Bill Feierabend.


BBQ for the Rodeo: Thanks to Dave Renner and a number of other Guild members who contributed greatly. The Guild made about $600 on the deal. [See Minutes for September for more information on the Rodeo in October.]

Shooting area at Mile 7 (BLM turnout): We'd stated that we were going to do this cleanup May and October each year. Well, we missed October. Bill Feierabend suggested we do it in November; go up the hill in the a.m., come back down and have a BBQ. Steve Taylor has volunteered to donate venison to a Guild BBQ. Discussion: prisoners have cleaned up the shooting area quite a bit over the summer months. But there's still a freezer up there being used as a backstop for shooting, a few cans, some paper and plastic trash. Bill F. suggested we do a cleanup the week before Thanksgiving, i.e. 2 weeks from today, which would put it on Thursday, November 20. The aforementioned was moved, 2nded, and passed unanimously. We will meet at the Shop at a time to be arranged. [Turned out to be 11/20/03 at 11:00 a.m.] Chef/helper volunteered.

Guild M1s: Jim Wages has donated $400 to the Guild with the request that it be used to get the five M1s needing repair in working order. Bob Hamilton has agreed to take on this job. Will $400 cover it? Bob H.: Yes, if we do our own welding. Bill F.: Some Guild money could be used. John Skaggs: moved that Guild match the $400 if costs go over the original $400. Bob H.: will price options for repair (including types of barrel, etc.) The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.


Checks: Tyler mentioned there are checks here in the cash box that need cashing. Bill F. will take care of this.

Sunscreen: John Skaggs moved that the Guild purchase a sunscreen for people doing BBQ'ing, about 10 x 12 foot size. Bob H.: pop-up type (Easy-Up) are easier to set up. John: about $128 apiece. Total about $250 (that is, for two of them). The motion was finalized to spend $250 on sunscreens; if more than $250, get approval of the Board. This was 2nded and passed unanimously. John Skaggs has a Costco card, so he will follow up on this.

Checking account: Bill F.: Jim Wages had mentioned this: in the By-Laws, it states that the "Guild will have its own account." Jim's suggestion was to set up a bank account. Steve Taylor: that's not allowed under school and ASB rules. Bill F. will follow up on this and report to the next Guild meeting.

There was no further "new business" so the meeting was adjourned at 11:22 a.m.

September 2003 Meeting (9/11/03)

OLD BUSINESS: The Guild was running the BBQ during the summer session of gunsmithing classes. We made $547 from the BBQs. There were four Guild members in particular to whom we owe our thanks, and the chief of these is Dave Renner as cook/chef. Also Aaron Gelhaus, John Martin, and Bob Hamilton. Next summer, we hope to have more participation from other Guild members.

Janesville: Bob Hamilton is working on this: two plaques to acknowledge long-time Guild contributors, to honor them, and hang these plaques in the Shop. The second, larger plaque will have space to hang little plates with peoples' names on.

M-1 Garands: Three out of 8 of these turned out to be serviceable. We also have about 13 .22 rifles. Technically the school owns all of these rifles. Sierra Sportsmen run a once-a-month competition (summer) where we might be able to use them. The unserviceable M1 Garands need parts to make them serviceable -- mainly barrel problems.


BBQ for Rodeo Team: The LCC Rodeo Team may or may not be given enough budget, and be allowed to seek donations, to keep up its (required) statewide quota of two rodeos per year. If it does get needed funding, it will be putting on a rodeo the first weekend in October (4-5-6 October). They would like us (Gunsmiths Guild) to handle the BBQ. If we organize it, we keep the profits. But we need the manpower to run the BBQ. (LCC admin has reduced their $8000 budget to $600. They need $6000 just to get the stock for the rodeo. They're working on getting $6000 restored so they can raise $2000 more by donations. We should show our heads in this statewide event here at LCC. Activities will start about 8:00 a.m. and end about 3:00 p.m. For Saturday and Sunday, and 6 or 7 hours per day of help is needed for the BBQ. (Friday night won't require any manpower.) Dave Renner is putting together Gunsmiths Guild participation for this. -- A motion to assist at the Rodeo was made, seconded, and adopted unanimously. So the Guild will assist at the Rodeo, by running the barbecue.

Garbage and recyclables: John Skaggs suggested buying our own garbage cans for garbage and recyclables for use in the vicinity of the gunshop. Jim Wages made a motion, it was seconded, and it, too, was adopted unanimously.

Sierra Sportsmen membership: Jim Wages pointed out that there are many new folks and members present at today's meeting. It would be appropriate to point out that Guild membership is $5/yr payable at the beginning of the calendar year. And if you join the Gunsmiths Guild, you get Sierra Sportsmen membership at half price. At the present time, half price amounts to $10/yr. Dues for Sierra Sportsmen will be increasing, so half price will later amount to $20/yr. Membership in the Sierra Sportsmen gives members access to the shooting range on Rice Canyon Road from about May 1st to November 1st.

May 2003 Meeting (5/01/03)

At the May meeting final plans were made for the Guild's BB gun booth at the Children's Fair.

The Chair reminded the members that Guild elections for officers are to be held Tuesday, May 13th, the second Tuesday of the month, according to the by-laws. Nominations for office will be made at the meeting.

A motion was made and carried to investigate the possibility of having Guild patches made available again.

The Children's Fair: Three members of the Guild spent a very long and satisfying day at the Susanville Children's Fair Saturday, May 3rd. Marty Enloe, Jonathan Parrish and I gave well in excess of 200 children an opportunity to show off their skills with the Guild BB guns.

Before each child shot, they were lectured on safe gun handling as well as the use of the dual-aperture target sights on our guns which were unfamiliar to all of them.

It was really gratifying to see so many parents, especially mothers, who were so supportive of their children shooting.

April 2003 Meeting (4/03/03)

At April's meeting several different items were brought up, discussed, and decided upon.

As you may or may not know, the gunsmithing program, like the rest of the Community College system, has been severely impacted by budget cuts, to the extent that Steve Taylor didn't even have postage to send out the Summer NRA program schedule to prospective students!

The Guild responded to his appeal for help by making a donation of $300 to the gunsmithing program for postage.

It was also suggested that the Guild make a donation of some kind to support this year's Friends of the NRA banquet here in town. The membership decided to donate two clean-and-oils, two trigger jobs, and a bluing job.

The Guild also decided to start recognizing the contributions of individual members to the Gunsmithing Program. The first will be 1st Sergeant Crouch.

There will be a large plaque made, and it will be hung in the gunshop, as well as a letter of thanks. Each individual's name will be added to the plaque, as their names are submitted and voted on at the monthly meetings.

We also decided to have ribeye steaks at the BBQ to be held May 15 after the cleanup at the informal shooting area above the college on Hwy 139.

March 2003 Meeting (3/06/03)

At the March 2003 meeting the Guild discussed: (1) BBQ and cleanup on May 16: The Guild is going to do cleanup at the shooting area at Mile 7 of Hwy 139 on May 16, and have a BBQ after the cleanup. (2) We decided to contribute gun work at the NRA dinner. (3) We discussed the idea of the Guild forming shooting teams for local events such as Cowboy Shoots.

February 2003 Meeting

During the February 2003 meeting, the membership voted to participate in the Susanville Kids Fair, and run a B.B. gun booth, something the Guild has done in the past; it is very popular.

Also at the February meeting it was suggested that the Guild put on the Thursday banquets for the summer session classes. There has been a lot of discontent over the quality of the cafeteria banquets, and the Guild BBQs have always been a hit. This would be a way to generate money for the Guild, could very well cost less for the participants, and they would get a better meal than they would at the cafeteria.

October 2002 Meeting

The purpose of the Guild, as stated in its by-laws, is to promote shooting as a community activity. At the October 2002 meeting, there was a general consensus that the Guild would explore different ways of doing that. One project we decided upon is to clean up the shooting area up around Mile 7 of Hwy 139 north of the College, to encourage informal shooting in the community, and to promote a positive image of the Guild. It was decided to perform this public service twice per year, in May and October, and to inform the local press of this activity.

Many years ago the Guild purchased guns through the D.C.M. to promote formal training and matches in the community. So, another project we decided on is to participate in matches put on by the Sierra Sportsmen, using these rifles. We have eight M1 Garands, and more than a dozen target .22 rifles. The Guild is in the process of checking these guns for serviceability.

The Sierra Sportsmen will be holding C.M.P. high-power matches and youth shoots each month this summer. You may have the opportunity when attending classes this summer to shoot the matches and work with local youth. Remember, the future of gun ownership in this country is in the hands of future generations. It is of the utmost importance that we share our love of guns and recreational shooting with the youth of this country.

We discussed annual dues, and when they would be paid. It was decided that, to simplify things, dues would be payable the first of the year. I will be happy to send a member a current membership card if you send the $5 dues and a stamped, self-addressed return envelope. Life memberships are $50.

We now have a good supply of T-shirts and baseball caps with the Guild logo.

It was suggested that the Guild establish a website to keep in touch with our far-flung membership. Thanks to George Gaskill, that has been realized.

I look forward to seeing you all at the Gunshop.

In fraternity,

Jeff Brewton, President (2006)



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