2005 Fall
Gunsmithing Course


Please mail completed Registration form and fees to:

Lassen Community College
Gunsmithing Program
P.O. Box 3000
Susanville, CA 96130

Make checks payable to:   Lassen Community College

Please type or print legibly.

Name ___________________________________________________________
          Last                                                 First                                 MI

Address __________________________________________________________

City/State/Zip _____________________________________________________

Birthdate ______/______/______     Soc. Sec # __________________________

Daytime Phone __________________________________

Fax ______________________________________

E-Mail _________________________________________

Please check the appropriate statement below:

______ I have no gunsmithing/engraving experience

______ Gunsmithing/engraving is a serious hobby for me

______ Part-time gunsmith/engraver

______ Professional full-time gunsmith/engraver

______ Full-time law enforcement or L.E. Armorer



For On-Campus housing information, contact Nyles Nyman at: (530) 251-8879.