2013 Lassen College NRA Gunsmithing Program

     The Class Schedule for the 2013 summer session has been approved and is now available at our lassengunsmithing.com website. As was the case the last couple of years, lassengunsmithing.com contains all information regarding the summer NRA Gunsmithing program including registration form, class selection form, etc.  The entire class schedule of the summer program is available via the site, including the class descriptive material, tool lists, etc., usually sent out after registration  Click a class listing in the Table of Contents in the left column for a short description of the class; click the class name at the top of the right column for the detailed info.  You may print (click in the window you want to print before clicking the Print button) the detailed info for all classes you plan to attend or call the office for mail copies of this material from the school.  Instructions to guide you through the registration process are available via a link at the bottom of the Table of Contents or at the Registration Instructions page.

     The paper schedules are now available from the school but for those of you in a rush, all of the information is here.  If you know of someone who might be interested in attending the summer NRA Gunsmithing Program but does not have Internet access, please step forward and lend both of us a hand.  We thank you in advance.

NOTE: If you have problems with or questions about the Internet Registration process, call (530.251.8800) or email (gunsmithing@lassencollege.edu) the Program Office or email the site manager (gunneyg@gmail.com) for assistance and to let us know what needs clarification on the website. Thanks.

2013 Lassen College NRA Gunsmithing Schools

2013 Lassen College NRA Gunsmithing Program Enrollment Forms