2012 Lassen College NRA Gunsmithing and Armorers Schools

2012 Lassen College
NRA Gunsmithing

  The enrollment process is pretty simple; browse the Class Table of Contents and decide which classes you want to take, then go to the Registration page (you're there now) and start with the paperwork (ugh!).

  1. Print a copy of the Application for Admission and fill it in by hand (since you have to send a check, you might as well mail the paperwork.)

  2. Download a copy of the Registration Card and print (be sure "Expand small pages to paper size" is NOT checked) and fill in one for each class you want to attend.  The Section Numbers for the classes are in the class descriptions so note them when recording which classes you are enrolling in.

  3. All students in the Gunsmithing program must fill in a current Affidavit affirming their qualifications to attend the Lassen College Gunsmithing Schools, so print a copy of the front and back of the Affidavit, fill it in and have it notarized.  Notary services are available in Susanville if this is inconvenient for you to do at home.

  4. Check the registration and housing information in this page and print it for the fee calculation section.

  Finally, write us a check (made payable to Lassen College NRA Gunsmithing) or print and fill in the Credit Card Authorization form, put all of the stuff in an envelope and mail it to us at:

      NRA Gunsmithing
      Lassen College
      P. O. Box 3000
      Susanville, CA 96130